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Hi I am Issy and I have always been a person who loves nature and animals and I always want to help them. We went to Bali for a holiday and I know for a fact their beaches and streets are full of rubbish. Immediately I wanted to do something about it so I asked my Aunty Emma if we could do a beach clean up. We searched on line for a charity called Trash Heroes, they clean up the beach every week on Monday. When we went to help out we and found a huge amount of rubbish. My heart instantly sank and I thought we would never be able to clean up the area. There were only about 20 people there but we did an absolutely amazing job.

I also try to help the BAWA Bali which helps Bali dogs. They have lots of dogs they help feed and home.

I also join Clean Up Australia Day every year. We try to get as many people as possible to help out at our local beach. I absolutely love all animals and will do anything I can to help them. If you see something that isn’t right, then make sure you help out in some way.

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MK team were pretty excited to be invited to present their ideas on river care at the Healthy Rivers, Healthy Communities Forum by the Member for Bicton, Lisa O’Malley, in 2017. Having a say about our environment is an important part of the MK ‘skills for life’ process. Kids want a healthy river now and in the future. They want natural areas were biodiversity can thrive. They want protected areas, too.

The team presented their ideas to the audience and handed their wish list to the Minister for Environment, Stephen Dawson.



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The Victoria Park Urban Tree Network wanted to get creative around greening their suburbs they called in the Kids. The one day workshop focused on what Kids thought were the most important issues – they mapped the issues to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and hey presto they used their ideas to set goals for the Urban Forest Strategy in the Town of Victoria Park.

What Kids said:

  • Help protect native animals
  • Get rid of waste from waterways
  • Increase trees
  • Plant bushes and plants with berries and seeds
  • Make a club to listen to kids and share good ideas
  • Help the poor people
  • Help encourage school’s to implement an understanding of SDG’s through education programs and sustainable building design

Thanks to the Australian Urban Design Research Centre the students had an opportunity to create a 3D model of their future suburb.

Their plans included:

  • high rise, shared spaces, units
  • underground and small spaces for cars
  • Trees and bushes, wall and rooftop gardens
  • Native animals
  • Places to relax, meet and play with the community to foster health and well being.

The city planners checked out their designs and calculated the tree canopy – all of them archieved a whopping 30% tree cover or more!

Exciting stuff. The young people presented their ideas to members of the Victoria Park Urban Tree Network, members of Council and other stakeholders.

The Kids team plan on encouraging other young people to get on board and have a say and will be sending out information about how to get involved in the coming weeks.

For more information contact info@millenniumkids. com. au



#1000actionsfortheplanet #lifeonland #lifebelowwater 

Kobi cares about birds and wetlands. Wetland Warriors was an opportunity to explore wetlands in the City for South Perth and create a series of films to help protect wetlands for the future. Thirty kids participated in a five day program to explore the local wetlands, find out how they had changed over time and create a plan for wetland care.

Funded by the City of South Perth and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, kids checked out wetlands, lakes and foreshore areas.

“ People were feeding the birds, dogs were in the wetland areas, there was litter and people had cut down trees.” Said Kobi.

The Warriors visited Native ARC and found out that sick birds end up in the rehabilitation centre where the vet checks them out and makes a plan to care for them. They are then released back into the wild when they are well again.

The Team made three short films to help educate the community about wetland care. Check them out on MK TV.


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MK team members Zahra and Thea took the opportunity to lead our discussion about waste with Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hon Julie Bishop at the Engineering Faculty at University of Western Australia. Our special guest was Ismail, team member from our partner organisation Yayasan We Save in Dompu, Sumbawa.

The We SAVE team have waste on their minds and through a grant from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade a team of 10 members  spent 10 days in Perth with Millennium Kids learning about waste management, waste education and meeting innovators in the waste space.

#1000actionsfortheplanet #lifeonland #partnershipsforthegoals

It was wonderful to get Nathan Dimer, Ngadju father and MK Trainee Coordinator, out on country with Bamford Consulting to survey malleefowl and other native animals in the Great Western Woodland. Upskilling is a key part of the MK ‘skills for life’ process and as a father of a Kids on Country participant Nathan was keen to get involved and support the kids.

Nathan spent 5 days on country with scientists, sharing knowledge of the bush and learning how to monitor and collate data for animal surveys. He was joined by MK Mentor, Wayne O’Sullivan. They were supported by Tellus Holdings who funded their training component.

The Kids on Country program takes kids from Coolgardie out on country during the year to visit important locations in the Great Western Woodland, to learn real skills, learn about language and culture, monitor the bushland as future custodians and share their knowledge with the wider community.

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very own Isabella, (Izzy or Bella to Some) got creative with kids ideas and created our Green Lab t shirt. Kids love trees and Bella thought it would be good to create a shirt for our StartSomeGood – Future Super Climate Green Lab campaign.

With help from Tracy, India and Antique we sourced Fair-trade, ethical, organic t shirts from Etikoa B Corp, Australian company.

We are super excited to see the shirts come to life and share our message about trees, our need to plant more and care for the ones we have.

For more information about Green Lab contact info@millenniumkids.com.au

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I’m Emma from Millennium Kids and I have decided to help the black swans as my project. I love the majestic black creatures that swim through our waters. They are also a nice twist on the common white swan. But the black swans are threatened with loss of habitat and there is a small thing we can do to boost the amount of black swans in the Swan River. Just one small thing that can make a big impact.

When I went to Millennium Kids 2015 we went to the Swan River and had a walk around the water. I saw the black swans and fell in love with their beautiful and unusual black feathers. I decided I would base my project on helping the black swans because their numbers are decreasing. My goal is raise awareness and money to help establish habitats so that the black swans can breed in peace. Since people have been annoying the swans while they are laying eggs the swans have been scared and run away and never come back to the spot again. Also people have been tearing out reeds to make places for structures. The introduction of cats and foxes to our environment has been another problem for our black swans.

Black swans are very robust swans and do quite well to survive in our everyday environment. Considering the many threats our black swans face it is a wonder we still have any! They are also very unique and beautiful. Their dark black feathers and striking red beak are a great contrast and they make the swan look fiercer. The black swans are a bird that I really want to save.

  1. Go to Rowena Walsh’s art exhibition at the Cullity Gallery and raise awareness via a poster on the black swan breeding problem. Hopefully this will encourage people to donate to the black swan project.
  2. Give the money to the river council to by reeds.
  3. Plant reeds with Millennium Kids to re-establish breeding spots.
  4. Monitor progress to see if there is a positive effect on swan breeding numbers.
  5. Hopefully there will be a result and we will see more black swans.

I’m very passionate about my project and am prepared to work to the best of my abilities to achieve it. Every coin counts to complete this project and every person as well. If you would like to help the black swans then all you have to do is ring the river council and say what you’re prepared to do. I hope this project is a success and that our black swans are increased and they keep swimming around the Swan River for many years to come. We can make a difference by helping to increase the numbers of a threatened animal!

Emma (Year 6)

Glen Forrest Primary School

#1000actionsfortheplanet #responsibleconsumptionandproduction

Almost 13 tons of plastics & plastic ware goes to the ocean every day. Scientists have estimated by year 2050 there will be more plastic waste in the ocean than marine life.
Marine animals will eat the plastics & plastic ware as they are being mistaken for food. Human Beings will then consume these marine animals.
We are going to upcycle and recycle all the plastics & plastic ware then turn them into plastic trash bins, bags and even shoes by using the plastic thrasher machine developed by Mr. Ramon. We would educate the children in the communities on the importance of upcycling and recycling by giving them the machine. We will install at our IPlayPark Damansara Damai.
If we start with the children, they would be able to impart their knowledge to the adults and the future generation thus earth is not ours alone but belongs to our children
Costing (estimate) about AUD8,000.00

  1. Shredder Machine
  2. Injection and Compression Machine
  3. Extrusion and Moulding

Prepared by Muhammad Hazwan and Muhammad Azrai. EIjau Millennium Explorer Malaysia