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Kobi cares about birds and wetlands. Wetland Warriors was an opportunity to explore wetlands in the City for South Perth and create a series of films to help protect wetlands for the future. Thirty kids participated in a five day program to explore the local wetlands, find out how they had changed over time and create a plan for wetland care.

Funded by the City of South Perth and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, kids checked out wetlands, lakes and foreshore areas.

“ People were feeding the birds, dogs were in the wetland areas, there was litter and people had cut down trees.” Said Kobi.

The Warriors visited Native ARC and found out that sick birds end up in the rehabilitation centre where the vet checks them out and makes a plan to care for them. They are then released back into the wild when they are well again.

The Team made three short films to help educate the community about wetland care. Check them out on MK TV.


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