We were super excited to have had the Commonwealth Bank team drop by with a CommBank Grant of $500.00 for our Green Lab teams last week. One of their staff members heard about the work of Millennium Kids and decided we were worthy recipients for their monthly grant. ( A million thanks to that lovely staff member!)

On 4th June 2021 the CommBank team met teachers and students from Curtin PS, Kensington PS and Applecross PS at the Manning Community Centre who were there for a day of citizen science activities.

The program was supported by Jos from Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Marnie from Eco Gecko – Environment and Design, Heather, Cathy, Patrick, Niamh and Hannah from Millennium Kids  and Bella from Noodle, with students learning new skills to help protect, monitor and increase canopy through care of their local bush patch. Over the day teachers and students worked together to create a plan for their school bushland which Millennium Kids will support through capacity building workshops and incursions over the next 12 months through a grant from State Natural Resource Management.

On World Environment Day 5th June  2021 students and teachers visited Goss Ave Bushland with City of South Perth staff to plant local species for the Banksia Woodland site. The site is adjacent to bushland at Curtin PS and the students are super keen to help the community understand how important the area is for local species. It was a special day as a number of red tailed cockatoos flew over us all as we planted.

Wesley College Junior School and Manning PS also  took part in workshops at their school sites earlier in the year. If you want to know about how to get involved in Green Lab in your local area email cathy@millenniumkids.com.au

Green Lab, a Millennium Kids Citizen Science program, is funded by the Western Australian Government’s State Natural Resource Management Program and Federal Governments Communities Environment Program in the City of South Perth.

Millennium Kids works in collaboration with Sustainable Schools WA to support schools sustainability goals.


Green Lab, our citizen science and action program designed by young people to protect, monitor and increase tree canopy within the Greater Perth area will be coming to Vic Park during the school holidays on the 8th and 9th of July. The Town of Victoria Park has awarded Millennium Kids a grant to hold a free two day hub for kids that live in the Town to develop urban greening ideas to benefit the whole community. The Town’s Urban Forest Grants enable community members, groups and organisations to deliver their own project to contribute to the greening of the Town. This is an exciting opportunity to create a lasting legacy that will influence the Town for generations to come and we are very excited to have youth voice creating solutions and continuing to deliver projects in the Town.

Up to 40 kids will develop solutions through project based learning and MK’s skills for life process to benefit their local community.The 2 day event will provide kids with a range of hands on skills with site visits to Jirdarup Bushland, Rutland Food Tree Project and Forster Avenue Reserve. They will develop their own project with the support of MK mentors and be provided context around urban forest issues and opportunities. At the close of the event kids will pitch their ideas to local stakeholders, with one idea being granted seed funding to progress their concept.

For more information contact heather1@millenniumkids.com.au


Hello everyone! My name is Bronte and I will be the Guest Editor for the next newsletter. My pronouns are she/her and I am a Millennium Kids member. My action for 1000 Actions for the Planet is to create a newspaper that highlights small businesses in the community making change for the better. As well as highlighting small businesses, it also spotlights people in the community performing sustainable actions. This would give hope to people reading, highlighting that people are making a change. Also, I hope my newspaper will give these businesses more publicity so they can grow. It would also, in theory, make more people buy sustainable products and that would decrease prices of sustainable things. To achieve this goal, I was given a wonderful opportunity to be Guest Editor of this newsletter for the next 6 months to get experience in this sector. I hope you all enjoy the next newsletter!    – Bronte

International Womens Day at Bob Hawke College 


Last year the Bob Hawke Sustainability Group Year 7’s took part in a two day training event for 1000 Actions for the Planet. Each week the students  meet after school on a Monday to pitch ideas and plan their projects.  This week the team hosted our friends from Nutha Way in Coolgardie for an International Women’s Day gathering at their  school in Subiaco. The young women pitched their ideas for change and developed plans for future projects. It was a great opportunity to get feedback on project ideas and listen to the range of issues being addressed by young women in their respective communities.

Project Pitch Ideas

Sophia: wants to create a social enterprise to raise funds to help native animals. She has founds lots of different ideas and is going to test them out on her school friends to get feedback.

Bronte: wants to create a good news newspaper because she wants t0 inspire people to make change. Bronte will be Guest Editor for the MK Newsletter April Edition.

Shiori: has already developed a website prototype that tells the stories of native animals under threat that you may never have heard of. She wants to raise awareness and funds to improve  wild lives.

Elsa: has been looking at all the waste textiles that end up in landfill. She is looking at making masks to keep us safe during COVID.

Harrison: saw the Cry for the Forest films and he wants to plant trees. Bella B from the MK Youth Board is keen to collaborate with him as she has a $1000 Landcare grant to help him make it happen.

Tamara, Krystal and Sivorn: want to create a kids space for local kids in Coolgardie where they can go if the need time our, have some breakfast and chat to a friend. Before the girls joined the team at Bob Hawke College they visited the Commissioner for Young People to give him an update on their project.


‘ MK was different because kids lead, they were asked their opinion, the kids decide what the key issues are and were guided through planning to pitch”

Bob Hawke College student 2020

If you want your change makers to get involved email info@millenniumkids.com.au for more information on the skills for life program.







Youth Led Citizens Assembly on Climate Change


Our Citizens Assembly team has been working hard on the planning process and met online in February to do two presentations to a global deliberative democracy audience. The young people presented to people in  the US, Finland, UK and Israel to get feedback on their plans for a 4 day  event in September –October 2021 to get young people thinking about climate change and present their roadmap of ideas to government leaders and stakeholders.

We would like to welcome to our new committee member Hadar who joins us from Israel. Hadar is super keen to get young people to collaborate on climate change and is looking forward to working with our team to learn alongside us.

We will launch our Citizen Assembly film and call to action on 20th March 2021 at the Blue Sky Festival in Mundaring. Check out the Blue Sky Festival Facebook page for updates.



Abby was super excited when her friend gave her a Secret Santa gift for Christmas. She was even more excited when she read the book.
How did you feel when you saw Millennium Kids mentioned in the book?
I felt really excited and proud when I saw MK in the book, The Power of Positive Pranking! I went and found mum straight away so we could message Cat and tell her that MK is famous!
 What is your favourite prank?
I don’t want to spoil the book for you all but my favourite prank is towards the end of the book when the Green Peas kids expose the shady mayor and her bad ideas. I’d love to tell you more but it would give away too much about the book 😊
Would you recommend this book to other kids?
Yes I’d definitely recommend this book to other kids. And to adults too! Cat and mum are reading it- give it a go!
What do you want to do to help the world?
I want to help make a world where everyone can be heard and where people who do the wrong things are exposed. Maybe even with a few harmless pranks 😉
Guest Reviewer: Abby, Year 6
The Power of Positive Pranking, Nat Amoore 2020.

Imagine the excitement when you get a call from the Chairperson and you discover Millennium Kids features in Nat Amoore’s new book The Power of Positive Pranking. What do you do? Well, first you buy the book and second you contact the author and have a chat about why she featured MK in her book. More on that soon.

Now we have several copies of the book and we’d love to send a copy to a young reader who has an idea to change the world. Email your ideas to info@millenniumkids.com.au. All entries need to be emailed by 5.00pm Friday 5th March. The best entry, as judged by our Youth Board, will receive a copy of the book.

PS. Abby,  one of our fab young members, will review the book which we will feature in the next newsletter.

Congratulations to our amazing team past, present and future. Millennium Kids has been recognised as a Finalist of the Banksia Foundation Sustainability Awards 2020, in the Community category.

A huge thanks to Heather Johnstone for doing the hard yards to tell our story through the nomination process. And thanks to Isabella Poll and Catrina Luz Aniere for taking on the job of pitching our story to the judges. Representing the diverse range of projects and the young people who run them is no easy task.

Twenty five years of youth voice and action has shown us young people can step up to make change, can tackle the big issues, if their ideas are supported, mentored and valued by the people around them. And our members do not shy away from the big issues.

Thanks to our Youth Board and Council for steering this ship.

Thanks to Banksia Award sponsors and major partners: Australian Government Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment, @Australia Post @Currie, SUEZ, EY, BSCD Australia.
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The Year 2 and 3 students at Falls Road Primary School have been very busy this term on a couple of initiatives inspired by the City of Kalamunda Adopt a Patch Program.

In first term the students had an opportunity to engage in the Trillion Trees education program. They were visited by Mr John Winter from Trillion Trees who spoke of the important role our native flora played in the everyday lives of our indigenous people. He also explained to the students that certain species were indigenous to certain areas and how it was important to know this prior to planting. The students then transferred seedlings to small pots in readiness for planting our Aboriginal Seasons garden.

In the first week of Term 4 Mr Winter and his assistant Anya McCarthy returned to the school to assist students to plant their plants in their seasons garden. The plants were placed according to the season that they produce fruit/food for the Aboriginal people as they made their way to and from the coast.

The students are creating permanent signs during their Art lessons to identify the seasons.

In week two of Term 4 the students engaged with Mrs Cathy Levett from Millennium Kids. The students enjoyed a nature walk through Fred Eversden Reserve (adjacent to the school) identifying native flora and discussing how the plants assisted the Noongar people of the area.  Cathy gave the students an opportunity to look at flowering plants close up, the favourite obviously being the Trigger Plant (Stylidium). They also discussed what local fauna may live in the reserve whilst listening to the abundant bird calls.  The students learnt about non indigenous plants and the negative impact these have on our environment.

Sharon McCarthy, Teacher , Falls Road PS



We are super thrilled to announce Millennium Kids received the UNAAWA Environmental Award 2020 presented at the UN 75th Anniversary at the Duxton Hotel in October. MK Youth Board representatives Isabella, Amelia, Patrick and Niamh were excited to receive the award on behalf of the MK Crew.  It was a great to share the night with the team of Youth Board, Council, mentors and friends of MK. Celebrating 25 years of youth voice and action.

Now for another 25 years of youth led initiatives.