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Almost 13 tons of plastics & plastic ware goes to the ocean every day. Scientists have estimated by year 2050 there will be more plastic waste in the ocean than marine life.
Marine animals will eat the plastics & plastic ware as they are being mistaken for food. Human Beings will then consume these marine animals.
We are going to upcycle and recycle all the plastics & plastic ware then turn them into plastic trash bins, bags and even shoes by using the plastic thrasher machine developed by Mr. Ramon. We would educate the children in the communities on the importance of upcycling and recycling by giving them the machine. We will install at our IPlayPark Damansara Damai.
If we start with the children, they would be able to impart their knowledge to the adults and the future generation thus earth is not ours alone but belongs to our children
Costing (estimate) about AUD8,000.00

  1. Shredder Machine
  2. Injection and Compression Machine
  3. Extrusion and Moulding

Prepared by Muhammad Hazwan and Muhammad Azrai. EIjau Millennium Explorer Malaysia

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