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Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand

Over the last five nights Millennium Kids have stepped up and spoken about their concern for climate change at Kwongkan Sand – a performance by Ochre Contemporary Dance Company at the Fremantle Art Centre. Cloe spoke last night. She met with Phil, Ochre Contemporary Dance Company to discuss her role before the show. This was […]

Wicked Problem – What’s the sticker about?

Hey MK Crew Maybe you can help? Today I am outraged! I bottled peaches this morning and now have these stickers gracing the fruit boxes, floor and kitchen sink. 11 peaches = 11 stickers for these two jars of preserved peaches. To add insult to injury these came directly from an orchard as seconds and […]


Bali Time – Clean Up Time

#1000actionsfortheplanet #responsibleproductionandconsumption Hi I am Issy and I have always been a person who loves nature and animals and I always want to help them. We went to Bali for a holiday and I know for a fact their beaches and streets are full of rubbish. Immediately I wanted to do something about it so I […]

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Green Lab in the Secret Garden

#1000actionsfortheplanet #lifeonland #lifebelowwater I rather like the secret grove of paperbarks on the river. It is a great place for imagining – imagining what the river was like before colonisation, asking the big questions: How has it changed over time? What will it look like in the future? I take students to this little secret place of […]


The Waste Free Life

#1000actionsfortheplanet #responsibleconsumptionandproduction How nice is it to be out and about with the warm summer weather!! There are so many places you can go at the moment to have a meal from a food van- they are at our local Saturday farmers markets, twilight markets and food truck nights in the local park. You can go […]

Healthy Rivers Healthy Communities

#1000actionsfortheplanet #lifebelowwater MK team were pretty excited to be invited to present their ideas on river care at the Healthy Rivers, Healthy Communities Forum by the Member for Bicton, Lisa O’Malley, in 2017. Having a say about our environment is an important part of the MK ‘skills for life’ process. Kids want a healthy river […]

Victoria Park Kids Have A Say

#1000actionsfortheplanet #lifeonland #climateaction The Victoria Park Urban Tree Network wanted to get creative around greening their suburbs they called in the Kids. The one day workshop focused on what Kids thought were the most important issues – they mapped the issues to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and hey presto they used their ideas to […]

Intergenerational Influencers on the AAEE Agenda

#1000actionsfortheplanet #partnershipsforthegoals Conference 2020 The 21st Biennial AAEE National Conference – (That stands for Australian Association for Environmental Education! 29 September – 2 October 2020, Mandurah Millennium Kids is excited to have two representatives on the Steering Committee for the 21st Biennial AAEE National Conference 2020. Bella B, our Youth Board Co President, will be one […]

Patrick’s Project

#1000actionsfortheplanet #lifeonland Hi my name is Patrick. I am a Millennium Kids Youth Board Member. I love the native birds that live in my area. I am worried that the birds are disappearing because they have nowhere to go. In my #1000actionsfortheplanet project I am going to make a poster that shows people the types of […]

These Boots are Made For Planting

#1000actionsfortheplanet #lifeonland Kobi inspired the Millennium Kids Wetland Warrior program. Kobi arrived from Vietnam and soon discovered Sir James Mitchell Park and the wetland areas. He loved the birds and watched people feed the ducks. He ran home and asked his mother for some bread. He thought he was doing the right thing and headed […]