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Green Lab Meets Wetland Warriors

There is no better way to learn the science of the river than to be immersed in a series of river fieldtrips. Millennium Kids worked with Wesley College Junior School teachers to design a 9 week scientists in residence program on the banks of the Swan River, exploring the past, learning about the human impacts […]


Unashamedly Ambitious

When the Kids said our website was out of date and we needed to change with the times, the team at MK needed to listen! When the Kids wanted to have a launch, but they didn’t want it to be boring and full of long speeches, the team at MK needed to listen! Thursday 4th […]


We love it when we hear from old friends!

It was so great to see you again today at the UWA Envirofest and I am so impressed and thrilled that Millennium Kids is still alive! Like I mentioned today, I was a Millennium Kid through the Penrhos school program when I was in year 5 (so 10 years old). That program and the other […]


Can we build more habitat for the turtles?

Nathan sent us his story: Nathan did some research on Oblong turtles after a Green Lab workshop with Millennium Kids. “Oblong turtles live in Perth and throughout the south-west of Western Australia. They are also known as western long necked turtles or snake necked turtles. They are different from most turtles as their shell is […]


Clean Water Please 

Can we please put clean water in Lake Tonduit because, if we don’t the fertilizer will make the algae grow and then that causes algal blooms. Algal blooms are a threat to fish and humans. The reason this is a threat to humans is because a person might catch a fish in Lake Tonduit or […]

Volunteering is Cool at MK

Two schools and a visit to a native animal rehabilitation centre! Well we expected to be volunteering at the One Thousand Actions for the Planet workshops but we didn’t expect the visit to the native animal centre. We spent a cool day with Cat, CEO of MK, learning about the One Thousand Actions for the […]

Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand

Over the last five nights Millennium Kids have stepped up and spoken about their concern for climate change at Kwongkan Sand – a performance by Ochre Contemporary Dance Company at the Fremantle Art Centre. Cloe spoke last night. She met with Phil, Ochre Contemporary Dance Company to discuss her role before the show. This was […]

Wicked Problem – What’s the sticker about?

Hey MK Crew Maybe you can help? Today I am outraged! I bottled peaches this morning and now have these stickers gracing the fruit boxes, floor and kitchen sink. 11 peaches = 11 stickers for these two jars of preserved peaches. To add insult to injury these came directly from an orchard as seconds and […]


Bali Time – Clean Up Time

#1000actionsfortheplanet #responsibleproductionandconsumption Hi I am Issy and I have always been a person who loves nature and animals and I always want to help them. We went to Bali for a holiday and I know for a fact their beaches and streets are full of rubbish. Immediately I wanted to do something about it so I […]