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I’m Emma from Millennium Kids and I have decided to help the black swans as my project. I love the majestic black creatures that swim through our waters. They are also a nice twist on the common white swan. But the black swans are threatened with loss of habitat and there is a small thing we can do to boost the amount of black swans in the Swan River. Just one small thing that can make a big impact.

When I went to Millennium Kids 2015 we went to the Swan River and had a walk around the water. I saw the black swans and fell in love with their beautiful and unusual black feathers. I decided I would base my project on helping the black swans because their numbers are decreasing. My goal is raise awareness and money to help establish habitats so that the black swans can breed in peace. Since people have been annoying the swans while they are laying eggs the swans have been scared and run away and never come back to the spot again. Also people have been tearing out reeds to make places for structures. The introduction of cats and foxes to our environment has been another problem for our black swans.

Black swans are very robust swans and do quite well to survive in our everyday environment. Considering the many threats our black swans face it is a wonder we still have any! They are also very unique and beautiful. Their dark black feathers and striking red beak are a great contrast and they make the swan look fiercer. The black swans are a bird that I really want to save.

  1. Go to Rowena Walsh’s art exhibition at the Cullity Gallery and raise awareness via a poster on the black swan breeding problem. Hopefully this will encourage people to donate to the black swan project.
  2. Give the money to the river council to by reeds.
  3. Plant reeds with Millennium Kids to re-establish breeding spots.
  4. Monitor progress to see if there is a positive effect on swan breeding numbers.
  5. Hopefully there will be a result and we will see more black swans.

I’m very passionate about my project and am prepared to work to the best of my abilities to achieve it. Every coin counts to complete this project and every person as well. If you would like to help the black swans then all you have to do is ring the river council and say what you’re prepared to do. I hope this project is a success and that our black swans are increased and they keep swimming around the Swan River for many years to come. We can make a difference by helping to increase the numbers of a threatened animal!

Emma (Year 6)

Glen Forrest Primary School

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