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It is estimated that 40,000 million plastic utensils are used every year around the world and that is enough plastic to go to the moon and back eight times over.

Plastic waste ends up in landfill and in our oceans and takes thousands of years to break down.

We pitched to Millennium Kids and they supported our idea. We made a recipe and trialed it. Even Julie Bishop tasted it. We pitched at the Global Shaper’s Soup event and won the $910.00 to start our enterprise. We have made a prototype and I got to speak at the WASSO conference to tell everyone about our innovation.

Bread in Common chef, Scott, mentored us and gave us advice on our prototype. Now check out the 3D printer at Sue Lewis Chocolatier and have made plans to build our own.

In December 2018 we delivered 100 spoons to the Prepare, Produce, Provide professional learning session for teachers at the Joondalup TAFE. We met Patrick, head of the Culinary and Catering School to share our ideas with him. He loved tasted our cutlery and was pretty impressed. We look forward to the next stages of the project in 2019

Hoang and the Edulis Crew

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