The United Nations Food Systems Summit was an excellent opportunity to share the Millennium Kids Citizens Assembly journey where we were able to report on the outcomes of our deliberative discussion process with young people across WA.

The purpose of the food summit was to generate ideas and solutions surrounding the food security issues challenging WA. Attendees came from an extensive range of backgrounds. There were university professors, tech-startups and councillors. My group was tasked to discuss ideas for how to improve the utilisation of food. The group was very impressed with the work Millennium Kids was doing and collectively agreed that having discussions with community members about their thoughts and ideas would be the most appropriate solution. The results from the discussions are being presented at a United Nations Conference. It is great to see people being inspired by the deliberative discussion process because it allows all members of the community, especially young people, to have a say in discussions which have historically happened behind closed doors without consultation.


Written by Bella P

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