Over the last few weeks our Citizen Assembly youth team have been actively networking, pitching our Citizen Assembly on Climate Change ideas and getting feedback. We even showed our film to the Sir Tim Smit of Eden Project at our MK2030 event recently.

The TEDxPerth Countdown: Climate Leadership Summit event in November was a great opportunity for some of our team to connect with changemakers and hear from some amazing people doing their bit to get climate on the agenda.

Bella B, one of our MK youth leaders, spoke to Prof Fiona Stanley at the event about the teams’ commitment to climate change and discussed the need to have some hard hitting adults supporting the kids’ ideas for the future. The team talked up their commitment to delivering a Youth Led Citizen Assembly on Climate Change in Mandurah alongside the AAEE Biennial Conference next year, 28th September to 30 October 2021.

I met with James Lush, from Lush, and Mark Andrich, from Sustainability Platform, this week as they will be supporting and mentoring our team in the lead up to 2021.

We are now looking for 50 Climate Champions, 10 to 24 years to to help with the project. If you are interested in climate change, have some event management, technology or communication skills and want to learn about deliberative democracy then we want you on our team.  We will be meeting for a day of activity and action on Sunday 17th January 2021 to plan the future. Please bellap@milenniumkids.com.au for more information.

Written by Bella P, Youth Board Member


You might wonder why this team is working together, focussing on the task of building the most robust spaghetti and marshmallow tower? It is all part of the ‘skills for life’ fun the students had at Bob Hawke College recently as part of the 1000 Actions for the Planet program – a program where kids can change their world.

This week Millennium Kids ran a follow-up mentoring session with the year 7 students at Bob Hawke College as part of their  project development.

The students provided updates on their sustainability projects, pitched their projects ideas, and worked with MK’s Cat to figure out their next steps. MK also brought in its newest intern, Christopher, as part of its partnership with UWA’s McCusker Centre for Citizenship program. Christopher pitched to the students his work with MK and spent the remaining session hearing each students’ ideas.

“Having the opportunity to visit Bob Hawke and hear the students pitch their project was an eye-opening experience. The ideas they had were innovative and thoughtful, from re-purposing used plastic to designing a digital database to document and track native wildlife. The level of professionalism and chronological planning by the kids was a welcome surprise as well.” Christopher said.

The year 7 students will have two more workshops with Millennium Kids before they pitch their ideas to interested private and public sector stakeholders as part of the MK commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Curtin University students Elliah, Jesmine and Rachel joined the Bob Hawke College Sustainability Club students to make a film about the process. Check it out here.

Story by Christopher, McCusker Centre for Citizenship

The Year 2 and 3 students at Falls Road Primary School have been very busy this term on a couple of initiatives inspired by the City of Kalamunda Adopt a Patch Program.

In first term the students had an opportunity to engage in the Trillion Trees education program. They were visited by Mr John Winter from Trillion Trees who spoke of the important role our native flora played in the everyday lives of our indigenous people. He also explained to the students that certain species were indigenous to certain areas and how it was important to know this prior to planting. The students then transferred seedlings to small pots in readiness for planting our Aboriginal Seasons garden.

In the first week of Term 4 Mr Winter and his assistant Anya McCarthy returned to the school to assist students to plant their plants in their seasons garden. The plants were placed according to the season that they produce fruit/food for the Aboriginal people as they made their way to and from the coast.

The students are creating permanent signs during their Art lessons to identify the seasons.

In week two of Term 4 the students engaged with Mrs Cathy Levett from Millennium Kids. The students enjoyed a nature walk through Fred Eversden Reserve (adjacent to the school) identifying native flora and discussing how the plants assisted the Noongar people of the area.  Cathy gave the students an opportunity to look at flowering plants close up, the favourite obviously being the Trigger Plant (Stylidium). They also discussed what local fauna may live in the reserve whilst listening to the abundant bird calls.  The students learnt about non indigenous plants and the negative impact these have on our environment.

Sharon McCarthy, Teacher , Falls Road PS



We are super thrilled to announce Millennium Kids received the UNAAWA Environmental Award 2020 presented at the UN 75th Anniversary at the Duxton Hotel in October. MK Youth Board representatives Isabella, Amelia, Patrick and Niamh were excited to receive the award on behalf of the MK Crew.  It was a great to share the night with the team of Youth Board, Council, mentors and friends of MK. Celebrating 25 years of youth voice and action.

Now for another 25 years of youth led initiatives.

Teach for Australia representatives from the Goldfields joined the Kids on Country crew as part of their Nutha Way program on the first weekend of November 2020 . The Nutha Way program aims to build positive relationships in the community through youth led strategies for change. The kids from Coolgardie love going on country, learning about their culture and the history of the woodland, the largest intact temperate Mediterranean woodland left in the world. The team headed to Burra Rock Conservation Park for the day with a team from Teach for Australia. They went through an area that was burnt out earlier on in the year and commented on the new growth coming through.

The local dam provides a fabulous place for swimming on a hot day. The teachers and the kids climbed to the top of the rock and marvelled at the immense views taking in the surrounding Woodland.
A part of going on country is learning about their responsibility as custodians. At the dam they noted there where 4 x 4 vehicles that came out onto the rocks and up into the dam area. The kids want to protect the area for future generations so they report any vandalism or any interesting observations they make on the day to local authorities.
They had lunch, swiped away a million flies and then did a clean up of the area before leaving to take a short trip out to a special spot. The kids where keen their visitors saw a malleefowl nest so at the end of the day the bus took a detour to a large nest in a burnt out area. The kids will monitor the nest for any activity over the next few years as the bush in the area recovers.
As the bus returned to Coolgardie they watched the clouds came in with a storm they hoped would fill the Burra Rock dam with all important water.
Photo Courtesy: Tjudawarra Imagery – Brenden Ah Kim

Our Nutha Way team got out on Country with Elders and kids from Coolgardie in September. The kids have been learning laws of the land, how to pack for a camp, taking water on country, the need to have a back up vehicle, WWCC’s for all people working on the program,  and proper licences for bus travel and a back up satellite phone.  They also talked about seat belt laws and the new fines for using your mobile phone when driving.

The older Youth Leadership Team members are stepping up and joined Cat the day before the program started, checked the camping gear and first aid kit, organised the list of food and did all the purchasing for the weekend. They also dropped the itinerary off at the Coolgardie Police Station and made sure all the parents had the flyer about the camp and signed permission forms before the day of departure.

Nanna Betty wanted to take the kids somewhere special so everyone headed to the bus and off we went. Our camp site was a Queen Victoria Rock and the kids all had torches and went up the rock at night and watched the stars. The next day the kids did a camp clean up and decided to write a letter to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to tell them someone had vandalised the toilet door.

‘ I love going on  the bus. We get to go to places we havent been to before. I like hearing the stories Nanna Betty and Nanna Maxine tell us, ” said Tamara.

Gary Simpson, Police Officer in Charge at the Coolgardie Police Station, dropped in after the program to say hello to the tea. He was even seen at the local pool with his feet in the water, having a chat to local kids as part of the film being made by the kids to tell their story.

The Nutha Way program is a program of The Law Society, empowered by Millennium Kids Inc and Media on Mars and funded by Department of Justice Criminal Property Confiscation Grants Program and Lotterywest.


Hi Millennium Kids.

My mum and I went Malleefowl monitoring with the Malleefowl Preservation Group on the 3rd October , 2020 at Merriden. It was amazing because we saw 2 Malleefowl’s that were near their nest, they were screeching to try and scare us away from their nest. We saw 3 active mounds that were in use by Malleefowl’s we visited in total 15!!!!!!

On the  mounds I saw fox  scats ,Malleefowl eggshells and scratchings and the COOLESt mystery ant that had an abdomen like a bee. It also had a red head with black eyes and wings. We also found a trap door spider nest.

Have a great week, Phoenix. MK Youth Board Member

If you have a great nature story to tell please send your article and photo to info@millenniumkids.com.au


My name is Niamh and I am 10 years old. I love numbats. For my MK project I wanted to share a place I think is very special, Dryandra Woodland.  It is south of Perth in the wheatbelt, near Narrogin. I think it is special because it is one of the only places where people can still see numbats in the wild if they are lucky.  Project Numbat says there are less than 1,000 numbats left in the wild. There are also lots of echidnas in the woodland.
I helped organise a camp for MK kids and their families with my mentor Cathy.  There were 34 of us.  We stayed at Gnaala Mia campground and enjoyed visiting Barna Mia wildlife sanctuary on a nocturnal experience where we saw rare mammals.  We explored different parts of Dryandra on bushwalks and had marshmallows (vegan ones) at a campfire. We had an MK meeting in the woodland which was special. Some of us talked using Noongar words and learnt new ones. On the walks we saw lots of birds and many wildflowers. During the camp at Dryandra woodland some of us saw numbats, echidnas, a wallaby, a bobtail, possums, bilbies, boodies, woylies, marla, rufous hair wallabies and burrowing bettong.
I am excited everyone had such a great time and want to plan another adventure with Millennium Kids and their families.

Since 1995 kids around the world have come together to share ideas about the rules and regulations needed to protect our environment.

In 2020 Millennium Kids will be reviewing the list kids wrote at the first UNEP children’s environmental conference, Leave It to Us, in Eastbourne, England in 1995. The list was sent to UN headquarters in New York, USA, after the conference and kids around the world took up the challenge. From that conference Millennium Kids was born. Our young team sent the list to the Prime Minister of the day. It is interesting now, to reflect on the enthusiasm and passion young people had and their belief that they could make change. Not much has changed.

Our team has worked tirelessly since that day. Promoting the voice of young people, their dreams and aspirations for a clean, green world and the youth led projects they continue to run to make change.

Millennium Kids has a copy of the Challenges the kids wrote up in 1995, hundreds of young people representing every corner of the earth had a vision for the future. We will sit down with Bob Hawke College students this week and look at what has been achieved. We will publish the results in the coming weeks at an event that will bring Eastbourne, England and Millennium Kids together again,  to celebrate, regroup and plan the future.

If you want to be part of the action  please send an email to info@millenniumkids.com.au

Our Kids on Country team outlined the impact of COVID  during a recent Nutha Way series. Getting out of town, connecting with elders on country were high on the agenda.

The team took a trip to Kalgoorlie to check out the artwork in the Streetwalk project, had lunch at Karlkurla Park and looked at how they could help brighten up the local Police Station in Coolgardie with artwork and a new garden. Working with Kammi, Media on Mars kids took photographs and drew their ideas for the station.

The ideas will be collated and used in the development of a mural series at the Police Station.

Four members of the team will journey to Perth to take part in the Mental Health and Well Being First Aid  Training as part of the MK Skills for Life process.