Youth Led Citizens Assembly on Climate Change


Our Citizens Assembly team has been working hard on the planning process and met online in February to do two presentations to a global deliberative democracy audience. The young people presented to people in  the US, Finland, UK and Israel to get feedback on their plans for a 4 day  event in September –October 2021 to get young people thinking about climate change and present their roadmap of ideas to government leaders and stakeholders.

We would like to welcome to our new committee member Hadar who joins us from Israel. Hadar is super keen to get young people to collaborate on climate change and is looking forward to working with our team to learn alongside us.

We will launch our Citizen Assembly film and call to action on 20th March 2021 at the Blue Sky Festival in Mundaring. Check out the Blue Sky Festival Facebook page for updates.



Abby was super excited when her friend gave her a Secret Santa gift for Christmas. She was even more excited when she read the book.
How did you feel when you saw Millennium Kids mentioned in the book?
I felt really excited and proud when I saw MK in the book, The Power of Positive Pranking! I went and found mum straight away so we could message Cat and tell her that MK is famous!
 What is your favourite prank?
I don’t want to spoil the book for you all but my favourite prank is towards the end of the book when the Green Peas kids expose the shady mayor and her bad ideas. I’d love to tell you more but it would give away too much about the book 😊
Would you recommend this book to other kids?
Yes I’d definitely recommend this book to other kids. And to adults too! Cat and mum are reading it- give it a go!
What do you want to do to help the world?
I want to help make a world where everyone can be heard and where people who do the wrong things are exposed. Maybe even with a few harmless pranks 😉
Guest Reviewer: Abby, Year 6
The Power of Positive Pranking, Nat Amoore 2020.

Imagine the excitement when you get a call from the Chairperson and you discover Millennium Kids features in Nat Amoore’s new book The Power of Positive Pranking. What do you do? Well, first you buy the book and second you contact the author and have a chat about why she featured MK in her book. More on that soon.

Now we have several copies of the book and we’d love to send a copy to a young reader who has an idea to change the world. Email your ideas to All entries need to be emailed by 5.00pm Friday 5th March. The best entry, as judged by our Youth Board, will receive a copy of the book.

PS. Abby,  one of our fab young members, will review the book which we will feature in the next newsletter.

Congratulations to our amazing team past, present and future. Millennium Kids has been recognised as a Finalist of the Banksia Foundation Sustainability Awards 2020, in the Community category.

A huge thanks to Heather Johnstone for doing the hard yards to tell our story through the nomination process. And thanks to Isabella Poll and Catrina Luz Aniere for taking on the job of pitching our story to the judges. Representing the diverse range of projects and the young people who run them is no easy task.

Twenty five years of youth voice and action has shown us young people can step up to make change, can tackle the big issues, if their ideas are supported, mentored and valued by the people around them. And our members do not shy away from the big issues.

Thanks to our Youth Board and Council for steering this ship.

Thanks to Banksia Award sponsors and major partners: Australian Government Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment, @Australia Post @Currie, SUEZ, EY, BSCD Australia.
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We are super excited to be supporting our friends from Yayasan We SAVE to build their school and waste education building in 2021. Abu and the team have been working with local design teams to cost the build and draw up plans for Stage 1. The building will have room for three classes and will house the Yayasan We SAVE office. The building will be on land purchased in Dompu, Sumbawa with support from WA based Owen Francis Foundation.

The school already has 50 students from local villages registered and will have waste education as a major curriculum focus. The school will be supported by Millennium Kids in curriculum development and students will have access to MK skills for life process.

The Stage 1 building will be funded through donations to MK Enviro Fund and we have already raised funds for Stage 1 through friends of Millennium Kids.

Millennium Kids looks forward to keeping you up to date with progress. If you want further information on the project email

Woot! Woot! It is 2021 and we are on a roll!

Our Coolgardie mob have spoken up. Through a youth voice session as part of the Nutha Way program in 2020, kids said they wanted more activities to keep them safe, active and outdoors. The kids helped make a film to share their ideas about the local skate park park which was used to pitch for funds in the Heath Foundation’s Active Australia Innovation Challenge. And with the announcement that the application was successful, kids will be able to take part in a range of skate and scooter workshops at the local skatepark in 2021.

The $10,000 grant will help take thirty young people through a series of skatepark skills and training workshops where children and young people will learn how to skate, set up a skate – scooter competition and activate the local skatepark over a 12 month period in collaboration with local Police.

By empowering young people through a skills for life process the program aims to help them set up their own skate – scooter program, empower young people to track their own physical activity and well being and learn about the link between physical activity, healthy food and mental health.

Thanks heaps to Jane Pompey for stepping up and helping with the filmmaking at part of her Certificate  1V Mental Health, Marr Mooditj Training Aboriginal Corporation. Jane has been completing her work placement with Millennium Kids and has been looking at ways to get kids active in an effort to improve their mental health and well being. As part of the pitch to the Heart Foundation Jane worked with Media on Mars team to create a short film showing how the new program could increase physical activity and bring a range of benefit to the kids and their families.

The Nutha Way program is an initiative of the Law Society of Western Australia, that is facilitated by Millennium Kids and Media on Mars. The program is sponsored by Lotterywest and the Department of Justice, through the Criminal Property Confiscation Grants Program, and aims to improve relations and reduce negative incidents of interaction with the Justice system.


Over the last few weeks our Citizen Assembly youth team have been actively networking, pitching our Citizen Assembly on Climate Change ideas and getting feedback. We even showed our film to the Sir Tim Smit of Eden Project at our MK2030 event recently.

The TEDxPerth Countdown: Climate Leadership Summit event in November was a great opportunity for some of our team to connect with changemakers and hear from some amazing people doing their bit to get climate on the agenda.

Bella B, one of our MK youth leaders, spoke to Prof Fiona Stanley at the event about the teams’ commitment to climate change and discussed the need to have some hard hitting adults supporting the kids’ ideas for the future. The team talked up their commitment to delivering a Youth Led Citizen Assembly on Climate Change in Mandurah alongside the AAEE Biennial Conference next year, 28th September to 30 October 2021.

I met with James Lush, from Lush, and Mark Andrich, from Sustainability Platform, this week as they will be supporting and mentoring our team in the lead up to 2021.

We are now looking for 50 Climate Champions, 10 to 24 years to to help with the project. If you are interested in climate change, have some event management, technology or communication skills and want to learn about deliberative democracy then we want you on our team.  We will be meeting for a day of activity and action on Sunday 17th January 2021 to plan the future. Please for more information.

Written by Bella P, Youth Board Member


You might wonder why this team is working together, focussing on the task of building the most robust spaghetti and marshmallow tower? It is all part of the ‘skills for life’ fun the students had at Bob Hawke College recently as part of the 1000 Actions for the Planet program – a program where kids can change their world.

This week Millennium Kids ran a follow-up mentoring session with the year 7 students at Bob Hawke College as part of their  project development.

The students provided updates on their sustainability projects, pitched their projects ideas, and worked with MK’s Cat to figure out their next steps. MK also brought in its newest intern, Christopher, as part of its partnership with UWA’s McCusker Centre for Citizenship program. Christopher pitched to the students his work with MK and spent the remaining session hearing each students’ ideas.

“Having the opportunity to visit Bob Hawke and hear the students pitch their project was an eye-opening experience. The ideas they had were innovative and thoughtful, from re-purposing used plastic to designing a digital database to document and track native wildlife. The level of professionalism and chronological planning by the kids was a welcome surprise as well.” Christopher said.

The year 7 students will have two more workshops with Millennium Kids before they pitch their ideas to interested private and public sector stakeholders as part of the MK commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Curtin University students Elliah, Jesmine and Rachel joined the Bob Hawke College Sustainability Club students to make a film about the process. Check it out here.

Story by Christopher, McCusker Centre for Citizenship

The Year 2 and 3 students at Falls Road Primary School have been very busy this term on a couple of initiatives inspired by the City of Kalamunda Adopt a Patch Program.

In first term the students had an opportunity to engage in the Trillion Trees education program. They were visited by Mr John Winter from Trillion Trees who spoke of the important role our native flora played in the everyday lives of our indigenous people. He also explained to the students that certain species were indigenous to certain areas and how it was important to know this prior to planting. The students then transferred seedlings to small pots in readiness for planting our Aboriginal Seasons garden.

In the first week of Term 4 Mr Winter and his assistant Anya McCarthy returned to the school to assist students to plant their plants in their seasons garden. The plants were placed according to the season that they produce fruit/food for the Aboriginal people as they made their way to and from the coast.

The students are creating permanent signs during their Art lessons to identify the seasons.

In week two of Term 4 the students engaged with Mrs Cathy Levett from Millennium Kids. The students enjoyed a nature walk through Fred Eversden Reserve (adjacent to the school) identifying native flora and discussing how the plants assisted the Noongar people of the area.  Cathy gave the students an opportunity to look at flowering plants close up, the favourite obviously being the Trigger Plant (Stylidium). They also discussed what local fauna may live in the reserve whilst listening to the abundant bird calls.  The students learnt about non indigenous plants and the negative impact these have on our environment.

Sharon McCarthy, Teacher , Falls Road PS



We are super thrilled to announce Millennium Kids received the UNAAWA Environmental Award 2020 presented at the UN 75th Anniversary at the Duxton Hotel in October. MK Youth Board representatives Isabella, Amelia, Patrick and Niamh were excited to receive the award on behalf of the MK Crew.  It was a great to share the night with the team of Youth Board, Council, mentors and friends of MK. Celebrating 25 years of youth voice and action.

Now for another 25 years of youth led initiatives.