The fast fashion industry is the 2nd largest waste industry, right below coal.

80% of clothing is only worn once and thrown away. This means five hundred thousand tonnes of textile waste ends up in landfill each year in Australia. All of these items contribute to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Of the items sent to charities, only 15% are resold. There are many homeless people in Perth itself who need this extra clothing, yet the services who help them are short in funding and resources.
Furthermore, the usage does not justify production costs. One-time use does not justify the 2700 L of water or the inhuman treatment in sweatshops.

We aim to fix the problem by teaching people at workshops about how to recycle, reuse and fix old clothes. The profits from these workshops will go towards helping people in sweatshops or the homeless people in Perth. Extra unwanted clothing can also go to homeless help services like the Salvation Army.

We need help in organising workshops, checking over designs and finding resources and funding. We also need advice on how best to get our donations to the people we want to get them to.

We got to tell our story on The Couch recently with Cat, CEO of Millennium Kids


Watch this space as our first workshop is coming up in 2020.

Huda, Finlay, Kirra and Ruby