Hi my name is Aelwen.

My big question is:

How can we increase tree canopy in local government areas through good design and innovation?

I want cities and nature to coexist. The area where I live used to be covered in Banksia Woodland that would have had around 30% tree canopy, now there is just 8%. Without trees my community is hot, there is little shade for walking and less birds, animals and plant species.

There are lots of wasted spaces where I live, they can be better designed to include for parks for people and habitat for wildlife. One of these wasted spaces is drainage basins. There are over 150 in my local government area. I’ve been working with Watercorp and the Town of Victoria Park to take a drainage basin(sump) and turn it into a park. I’ve collected lots of ideas from local kids and sent them to people that can help us make this dream come true. It has taken a long time and I have had many set backs, however I am determined to continue.

What can you do to help increase canopy in your local area?