#responsibleproductionandconsumption #lifeonland

Over 100 students from Lake Gwelup Primary School put their heads together today to pitch ideas to tackle the big issues. Teams worked together to identify sustainability challenges in their local community and developed ideas to make sustainable change.

Here is just one of the fabulous project ideas that came out of the session.

Team Leaders:

Alexia, Thea, Tia, Sasha and Anastasia


Supermarket Plastic Toy Giveaways

The Big Question:

How are we going to replace these plastic toys with an environmentally friendly option?

The Problem:

Supermarkets are giving away plastic toys to shoppers as an incentive. They will end up in landfill and harm the environment.

The Solution:

Stop giving these plastic toys away and replace them with an environmentally friendly alternative.

Our Idea:

Create a Seed Switch pocket where people are rewarded with flowering plant seeds wrapped in a wax wrap. Kids can plant the seeds and watch them grow and help the bees. The waxwraps can be reused for school lunches.

How You Can Help:

Say no to single use plastic!

This program is facilitated by Millennium Kids through a funding partnership with Living Green, a City of Stirling program to support sustainability education at local schools. Millennium Kids will support the teams throughout the Term to take their ideas and make it happen.