My big issue is climate change.

If not us then who? If not now, then when?

The oceans are dying and people are oblivious and we need to change that. Our seas are dying by the day. Destroyed in every way. I propose we make a sculpture and not the everyday one that is the same as every other but emotive and beautiful powerfull and strong to make people think twice about killing the sea and this sculpture will be made by plastic found in the ocean and rivers to save our ocean.

We cant do it by ourselves and I need a connection to the council because people get the word out and other young artists to design it beside me. And I need people to help to help me collect the rubbish. I don’t mind if you don’t pick me but I was hoping that children just like me would want To do this with me though I understand that there would be many more applications very similar.

We are looking for people to support Arlia in her local government area, Coffs Harbour Regional Council. Please contact

By Arlia P.