In 2001 hundreds of children from across Australia took part in the Millennium Kids Postcard Campaign. Millennium Kids wanted to know what kids were concerned about and wanted to know how they could help empower  young people to be active in their community.

Suzanne Johnson helped us out by completing a Masters – Futures Studies Research to ascertain the ideas of today’s young people relating to the environment, with a view to determine likely roles of young people who wish to have a voice in influencing the environment of the future. The research The Children’s Voice :Their Concerns and Search for a Role in Influencing the Environment of the Future noted nine major themes:

  • Waste
  • Forest and forestry practices and native flora
  • Native Animals
  • Use on non renewable resources and energy sources
  • Pollution
  • Oceans
  • Environmental commitment
  • Global warming
  • Salinity

Kids wanted to:

  • Have a physical role in environmental improvement projects
  • Generate increased awareness amongst youth
  • Express the voice of young people in the wider area
  • Youth representation on bodies of influence
  • Have an influential role in environmental education

This research has influenced the ‘skills for life’ youth voice and engagement methodology that MK employs with young people to this day.

Thank you Suzanne Johnson, you rock our MK world.

Highlights of 2001:

Frog Ponds Made Easy

In 2000 Millennium Kids identified Native Animals as a key area of concern. In keeping with their commitment to turn young people’s concern into environmental projects a group of Millennium Kids and their supporters developed Frog Ponds Made Easy in partnership with Alcoa of Australia, Perth Zoo and the Western Australian Musem and Greening Australia,WA.

Inaugural Millennium Kids Film Festival

Millennium Kids ran a film festival at the Cygnet Cinema on the last day of their three day Millennium Kids Environmental Conference with young people having an opportunity to showcase their projects through short films. Ryan from Ryan’s Well Foundation, Canada, joined the conference and was guest speaker at the event.