Kids have been talking about waste since Millennium Kids began in 1996.

In 2017 Millennium Kids launched the Waste Free Movement – a campaign to get everyone thinking about the waste they create and develop plans to minimise it. Thanks to Jack Johnson and  All At Once  for helping out by inviting the Kids to his concert at Kings Park. The MK Crew shared their ideas with the public, got some feedback and created a plan for change.

With a successful Suez Grant kids started putting their ideas into action. Kids visited waste facilities, landfill sites and met with innovators pondering the big questions around waste.

In 2018  the Kids received a Waste Authority Community Grant so they could take their next steps. With the Summer X Salt Markets and Australia Day event on the South Perth foreshore in their sights they took to the events to spread their messages and audit food vendors and bins. With a very large collection of take away packaging the team will now work with the McCusker Centre for Citizenship to find out exactly where that rubbish goes.

Check out the Waste Free Movement film in the MK TV section and don’t forget to let us know your ideas. Join the Movement.