Kids on Country was born in 2013. Elder, Betty Logan, invited the MK team to Coolgardie to meet with the local community of parents and kids. The Sunday drive took over 50 community members 70km out of town to Burra Rock Conversation Reserve  and Cave Hill Nature Reserve in the Great Western Woodlands.

Kids played, fires were lit and the community talked about that they wanted for their future. Kids wanted to get out of town, learn on country beside their elders and reconnect with culture. With good food and good conversation the team mapped a series of adventures for the kids along with scientists, artists and elders.

Kids wanted to:

  • get out of town
  • learn about local plants and animals
  • have fun

In 2019 the program has a number of  stakeholders keen to support this ‘skills for life’ program.

Highlights of 2013

MK Visits Tunas Hijau, Green Future Club of Surabaya

MK CEO, Catrina Luz Aniere and Bella Poll, MK Sustainability Ambassador, visited Tunas Hijau, Surabaya and took part in a series of environmental workshops along with hundreds of children from the city. Bella and Catrina  also had the opportunity to attend the Independence Day Ceremony in the city.

Time to Explore Frog Habitats

Millennium Kids worked with Beckenham Primary School students and their teachers, Western Australian Museum staff and other stakeholders to learn about frog habitats at Kent Street Weir. The children’s work was created into a book Time to Explore Frog Habitats , a perfect addition to any classroom.