Tunas Hijau, Surabaya, Indonesia, a green youth group, led by Mochamed Zamroni, started to visit Kids Helping Kids Environmental Conference annually. Friendships began with kids sharing ideas about environmental challenges and students from South Perth Primary School created a Friendship Banner to show that together we can change the world. Tunas Hijau and Millennium Kids have shared ideas and collaborated on projects ever since.

Highlights of 2002:

Meeting Dr David Suzuki

Nic Lanyon, MK Council Member, facilitated a special opportunity for MK Conference participants to hear Dr David Suzuki speak at the 6th Global Conference and Expo – Maturity Matters. After the speech the MK delegates had a special one hour meeting to discuss their projects and talk about their ideas for a healthy planet.

After the three day conference the children presented their Youth Environmental Challenges 2002 to government.

International Networking Conference for Environmental Education – Japan

MK Program Director,Catrina Luz Aniere, was invited to Nishinomiya, Japan, to sit on an international panel to form a network to support environmental children’s education programs.

Frog Pond at Perth Zoo

Millennium Kids and South Perth Primary School students built a frog pond at Perth Zoo for National Frog Week activities.

Frog Ponds Made Easy 

Millennium Kids development of the Frog Ponds made Easy brochure that was distributed to schools and community members through the Perth Zoo Visitors Centre.