After 12 months of planning, Alicia, James, Sarah, Sophia and their friend Jeremy launched their own environmental conference in Perth, Western Australia, supported by parents, teachers and community stakeholders.

The conference, held at Perth Zoo, was opened by the Premier Richard Court MLA, with 180 children from around Australia and Malaysia. The conference was supported and sponsored by Kareelya Property Group, City of South Perth, Clean Up Australia, Water and River Commission, South Perth Primary and Perth Zoo.


The conference delegates presented the Youth Challenges on the Environment 1996 to stakeholders including Keeper of the Challenges Ian Kiernan and Millennium Kids Patron Philip Pendal.

The UNEP program reported on the successes of the youth led conference Mini International Conference 1996 in their global magazine.

Kids Helping Kids is a conference unique in its vision and unusual in its scope. For far too long we have denied ourselves the opportunity of listening to our children, of heeding to their pleas for a better world, for a healthy environment, their questionings and their answers”.

Ms Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Executive Director of United Nations Environment Program


I am honoured to have been asked to be “ Keeper of the Challenges”. I will ensure the issues and concerns raised by the children at the Conference are delivered to the Prime Minister, John Howard, but I promise to study the Challenges myself and listen to the fears, concerns and hopes of children about the state of the environment and work with them to achieve these goals.”

Ian Kiernan
AO Chairman Clean Up Australia


The conference is the culmination of a huge effort from five student conveners Alicia, James, Sophia, Sarah and Jeremy and Project Coordinator Catrina –Luz Aniere who have spent countless hours designing, organising and preparing for the coming days.”

Stephen Breen
Principal South Perth Primary