Trillion Trees PledgeMillennium Kids

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Kids asked over 500 young people what we should do to help the trees. We have combined their ideas and poems into a pledge that reflects their opinions and the ongoing work of Millennium Kids through our new partnership project, Green Lab.

Dear Carers of the Swan Coastal Plain
From today and for the next thousand years please take into consideration, implement or reflect on the following:
Millennium Kids love trees.
We love climbing them, listening to the sound the wind makes as it whispers through their leaves.
We love the native birds roosting and feeding on their branches.
We worry about our city getting hotter.
We worry about all the clearing for houses and all the hot carparks and roads with no shade.
We worry about all the trees being chopped down.
We need to plant more trees and care for them, to send our Love Letters to the Trees so people know we care.
We need to learn and use knowledge belonging to the Noongar people to care for, rejuvenate and have a loving relationship with our environment.
We must learn the patterns and habitats of the endemic flora species and understand the role they play.
Can we care for all people who call this place home, visit or pass through?

Let’s say thank you to the trees
They are amazing, they help us breathe, give us medicine and shade and food.
In return, we ask that our communities take care of you, dear trees.
Including the animals that you love and who you give homes to in your branches.
We love the sound of the wind going through your branches, the colours of the leaves as they slip silently to the ground, as the bugs fly around.
We watch fascinated by your mystery and grace.
We need to make a difference by saving room in our world for trees, to make our planet better.
We only have one world to live on and this world needs trees.
Thank you for letting us climb on you and enjoy life!
Thank you for giving us shade and making us cool in the hot summers.
Thank you for giving us the air to breathe, a peaceful place to study, or a mind freeing place to sit.
We want to be surrounded by green,
We love trees and could not live without them – literally.
We think you are great.
If you weren’t around it would be hard to concentrate.
We need to think about the birds, the mammals, and the bees
So get down on your knees and plant some trees.