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“There is no greater threat to future generations than climate Change”
– Barack Obama

Hello, I am happy to see you. My name is Bella and I am 12 and I am worried about my future and the future of the planet!
Children are concerned by Climate Change.
Children are anxious by the changing climate.
Children of all ages.

Millennium Kids surveyed 100 young people

89% of the overall responses agreed that they are worried about the effects of climate change. Here is what they said – Quotes from Perceptions of Climate Change Survey:

  • Climate Change is going to be the worst problem in the future to mankind – 6yo girl
  • We don’t want to make our world worse. We have done horrific things in past history and we need to repair this planet. – 13yo boy
  • Climate change is hurting the earth, from the smallest things to the largest ones – 6 yo boy
  • Climate change affects the world and we aren’t putting enough emphasis on it. – 12 yo boy
  • Without a healthy environment, we cannot survive or maintain our current population size. – 8 yo boy
  • The huge changes of weather in WA recently had brought my attention to the issue and feeling that it is going to be the most serious problem in the future. -23yo girl
  • The impacts of climate change may seem insignificant now, but in the long-term it will have heavy implications that may be irreversible for the natural environment and human society. – 16yo girl
  • Climate change worries me. – 10yo boy
  • I’m quite worried about my future being destroyed due to climate change. Sometimes, I couldn’t sleep – keep thinking of it. I haven’t told anyone about it, because I reckon everyone doesn’t seem to care. – 14yo girl
  • Western Australia already experiences hot temperatures, and even higher temperatures could affect my and others’ livelihood. Additionally, I worry about others in less developed countries who do not have the same resources to mitigate against any adverse effects of climate change. – 19yo girl
  • Everyone should be worry about this global problem. Climate change is not an individual problem and cannot be solved by one person. – 13yo boy
  • It doesn’t feel like enough is being done. I can’t stop climate change on my own so if more people and businesses put an effort to reduce their footprint, I might feel better. – 17yo girl
  • Even though that I know that my actions have a positive impact on my community, I think that bigger actions are required in order to make a significant difference. Even though that I pick up some rubbish, I can see some people throwing more right after, it is demoralising. Programs at school should be implemented and we have to make them understand how huge the problem is and acknowledge the elephant in the room. – 17yo girl
  • My opinion is climate change matters because l am of the younger population and my generation will have to deal with this huge problem in the near future. Climate change and ageing population are going to be the bane of my generation’s existence. – 15yo girl

Climate change is real. Kids know this. Climate change threatens our future. What happens if we do nothing?
If left climate change will cause average global temperatures to increase beyond 3°C and will badly affect every ecosystem on Earth.
Already, we are seeing how climate change can:

  • increase storms and natural disasters,
  • land is being consumed by rising water levels
  • and threats such as food and water shortage which can lead to conflict on many levels.

By the middle of this century, experts estimate that climate change is likely to displace between 150 and 300 million people. Climate Refugees!
Doing nothing will cost us our planet but doing something gives us more jobs and reduction in greenhouse gas and climate changes for a positive sustainable future.
But we need action now!
This is the moment we have decided we must rise together and save our planet. We no longer have time to sit around and wait for our Politicians to make our future secure and address the global threat of Climate Change because we are here, and this is just the beginning.
Right here, right now – is where we begin.
To our Politicians I say – Kids are making our voices heard today all around the world and this action will not stop.
We call you to action.
The time has come for you to step up and address the greatest threat to our future and the planet.
But you must act now!
We are giving up our childhood to fight for our future.