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Every year Millennium Kids brings our friends together to share ideas, learn new ‘skills for life’ and set the agenda for the following year. 2017 was no different. We celebrated our 21st birthday with teams from Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie and Malaysia joining our members in Perth for a three day UNconference. Kids got together with scientists, poets, elders and mentors to report on their projects and pitch ideas for new ones.

Sites visits focused on wetland and river care, waste management and how to care for our precious bushland. Our friend and citizen science mentor Gill, came from Tasmania to share her science knowledge. It was great for her to meet up with the Kids on Country crew in the City of Cockburn to chat about bird monitoring and bushcare and hear how Ngadju kids were caring for the Great Western Woodland.

Kids visited the Roe 8 site and made plans to a long-term tree care project.

They asked:

Why isn’t Bush Forever, forever?

Why aren’t we projecting precious areas of bushland?

The kids met with Environmental Defender’s office staff to talk about protecting precious areas of bush and discussed the difference between policy and legislation.

Kids reported to the local Mayor and stakeholders at the end of the program. Lisa O’Malley, the Member for Bicton, was there to receive the kid’s ideas and present the findings to Rehabilitating Roe 8 Advisory Committee.

Oh, and we had a big bush tucker chocolate cake made by our buddy, Marissa Verma, from Bindi Bindi Dreaming.

Have fun, eat chocolate and care for the environment!

Thanks to the City of Cockburn for the Community Sustainability Grant and ERM Foundation for funding the opportunity for the team from Kids on Country to join the program.