The Problem

Hey we are Kids from Westminster Junior Primary School. We think waste ends up ion the ocean and fish eat it. We think too much goes into the wrong bin. People aren’t recycling.

Our Idea

Our team have have some cool ideas for reducing waste at school. We  have been looking at what it means to be a sustainability leader. We have been keeping a diary of the changes we make. We have mapped a number of ideas for both personal action and as school-based projects.


Here are some of the ideas we have put into action so far.

  • I talked to my mum about plastic bags and now she is using cloth bags.
  • We checked out the bin near our classroom and found people had thrown out whole pieces of fruit. We are going to have a BIG FRUIT BOWL where kids can donate their fruit if they don’t want it. Others can take fruit from the bowl if they are hungry.
  • I am going to try to reduce the single use plastic in my lunchbox.
  • I like the ice-cream from the canteen but it comes in single use plastic. We could try to make the waste into an art project. We are going to make our own waste free icy poles next term.

Even the teachers are getting on board. One teacher is going to try making toothpaste and the other teacher is bringing her own fork so she doesn’t use a plastic single use one from the canteen.

How you can help

Join the Movement! 

What are you doing? What can you do? What will you do? Do you need our help? Tell us about your action or project. Send us an email info@millenniumkids.com.au

The program is part of #1000actionsfortheplanet, supported by the Living Green program, funded by City of Stirling. The students have taken part in 2 sessions to look at the big issues, challenge themselves to make small changes and develop a school waste management plan.