Since 1996, Millennium Kids has enabled thousands of young people to have their say about the environment, leading to hundreds of inspiring youth-led initiatives that have contributed significantly to the environment and communities in WA and beyond.

The Mandurah Youth Led Deliberation brought together young people to deliberate over the charge: How can we, in Western Australia, collectively tackle climate change while supporting our places to thrive? What does this mean for our region and the way we live? Throughout the day attendees participated in a number of activities which encouraged them to think critically and deliberate over the most viable solutions needed to tackle the climate issues facing Mandurah.

The day began with an introduction to deliberation: how to do it; why it’s important; and why the method is different to what decision makers are currently doing. Next participants got to know each other through a range of introductory activities. Feeling comfortable and connecting with each other in the environment was an important aspect of the day because it enabled the participants to have open discussions and also develop strong relationships with like minded individuals. Following this, participants were further educated about the climate issues facing our region through a series of videos. The young people then had the opportunities to ask questions to a number of climate experts in the room.

It is important to note that the Mandurah event also had some adults attend and participate. However, lead facilitators separated participants who were under 25, with participants who were over 25, to ensure that the creative process of the younger participants was not hindered.

After the learning about the issues, participants began a “World Café” activity. This involved getting into small groups and identifying the changes that they felt needed to be made, both to their region as well as individually.

Using the challenges they identified, the participants then used an Affinity Diagram to organise the ideas collected and selected the top two priorities for each question: What changes does our region need to make and what changes do we need to make to the way we live. The solutions were further discussed and a list of actions which the young people believed needed to be actioned was then outputted.

Following deliberation, critical thinking and extensive questioning, the participants decided that the changes needed to be made to the way we lived were increasing conscious consumption through education and incentives as well as reducing the purchase of new clothing and reusing already owned clothing through introducing a clothing version of Containers for Change, handing down clothes and education.

The young people decided that the changes needed to be made to our region included: further educating the community about Climate Change and improving ocean biodiversity through an Adopt a Dolphin program and providing incentives to collect waste.


For a link to the full report click Mandurah Youth Led Deliberation on Climate Change (4)

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