International Womens Day at Bob Hawke College 


Last year the Bob Hawke Sustainability Group Year 7’s took part in a two day training event for 1000 Actions for the Planet. Each week the students  meet after school on a Monday to pitch ideas and plan their projects.  This week the team hosted our friends from Nutha Way in Coolgardie for an International Women’s Day gathering at their  school in Subiaco. The young women pitched their ideas for change and developed plans for future projects. It was a great opportunity to get feedback on project ideas and listen to the range of issues being addressed by young women in their respective communities.

Project Pitch Ideas

Sophia: wants to create a social enterprise to raise funds to help native animals. She has founds lots of different ideas and is going to test them out on her school friends to get feedback.

Bronte: wants to create a good news newspaper because she wants t0 inspire people to make change. Bronte will be Guest Editor for the MK Newsletter April Edition.

Shiori: has already developed a website prototype that tells the stories of native animals under threat that you may never have heard of. She wants to raise awareness and funds to improve  wild lives.

Elsa: has been looking at all the waste textiles that end up in landfill. She is looking at making masks to keep us safe during COVID.

Harrison: saw the Cry for the Forest films and he wants to plant trees. Bella B from the MK Youth Board is keen to collaborate with him as she has a $1000 Landcare grant to help him make it happen.

Tamara, Krystal and Sivorn: want to create a kids space for local kids in Coolgardie where they can go if the need time our, have some breakfast and chat to a friend. Before the girls joined the team at Bob Hawke College they visited the Commissioner for Young People to give him an update on their project.


‘ MK was different because kids lead, they were asked their opinion, the kids decide what the key issues are and were guided through planning to pitch”

Bob Hawke College student 2020

If you want your change makers to get involved email for more information on the skills for life program.







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