Saturday 22 February 2020

At the South Perth Sounds Concert on the South Perth foreshore we played an educational rubbish game where people put their rubbish in one of the two bins which were comingled recycling and general waste. If you put your rubbish in the right bin you would get a reward which was a piece of chocolate.

The game went well because the public enjoyed it and the waste went in the right bin. There were MK people at most of the bins in groups of two or three. There were food vans, a water refill station for people to refill their bottles and an awesome puppet numbat which was moved by volunteers from the crowd.

We did an audit on the food vans which had mostly bio -packaging but there were no composting bins on the foreshore, so all the packaging had to go into the bin.

And Eskimo Joe was great,too.

There were lots of people having a picnic and having a good time while loving the music.

Thanks to the City of South Perth for helping us get our message out.

By Phoenix Tedesco Scarfone Millennium Kids Board Member 2020



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