We are super excited to be supporting our friends from Yayasan We SAVE to build their school and waste education building in 2021. Abu and the team have been working with local design teams to cost the build and draw up plans for Stage 1. The building will have room for three classes and will house the Yayasan We SAVE office. The building will be on land purchased in Dompu, Sumbawa with support from WA based Owen Francis Foundation.

The school already has 50 students from local villages registered and will have waste education as a major curriculum focus. The school will be supported by Millennium Kids in curriculum development and students will have access to MK skills for life process.

The Stage 1 building will be funded through donations to MK Enviro Fund and we have already raised funds for Stage 1 through friends of Millennium Kids.

Millennium Kids looks forward to keeping you up to date with progress. If you want further information on the project email wayne@millenniumkids.com.au

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