I recently had the privilege of accompanying the Kids on Country on their trip to the Burra Rock Conservation Park. I live in Perth and have been hearing about the Kids on Country program for a long time and it sounded so cool. The young indigenous people in Coolgardie have identified that they weren’t spending enough time on country and have made plans to change that. The Kids have their say on what they want to do, where they want to go and what changes they want to work towards in their community.

I carpooled with Cat and Wayne to Coolgardie where we went straight to see Nanny Betty. She welcomed us into the neighbourhood and gave us tea and we spent time with her dogs. Then we went around to the families, reminded them about the trip to Burra Rock and gave them information packs about the trip.

The following day the kids met in the park, piled on the bus and went out on country. We were joined by locals, visitors from Bunbury and the Police for a Spring Into Parks picnic. It was a really fun day of swimming, exploring and learning on country. We couldn’t have a barbecue because it was too hot so we had chicken, cheese and salad rolls and fruit under the shade of a tree.

While we were staying in Coolgardie we camped in the bush and ate waste free meals cooked over a fire. After the trip to Burra Rock, we met up with some lovely people from Kalgoorlie that we hope to work with on future Kids on Country trips.

The Kids on Country program has a bit of a fan club amongst the Millennium Kids that live in Perth, so much so that Ebonie recently held a fundraiser disco and raised over $1000 for the program. Go Ebonie!

Thanks to everyone that supported the disco, we could support four young women from Coolgardie to travel to Perth to attend the WA Youth Awards. yes, the Kid son Country team were Finalists. I was lucky enough to meet these girls, Dolly, Tamara, Krystal and Jasmin in Coolgardie. The passion that they have for the program and for their community is evident.

Occasionally, other members of Millennium Kids are asked to accompany the Kids on Country and share a certain skill set with them based on skills that the kids have expressed interest in learning. I was asked to come along and bring my ukulele and share some of my knowledge in environmental science with the kids. It was an honour to spend time with such a lovely group of young people in such a special place.

Thanks to the WA Parks Foundation for supporting this Kids on Country program through Spring Into Parks. This partnership gave us  a fabulous opportunity to take the kids on country with visitors who hadn’t been to the Park before. This gives our team an opportunity to share their knowledge and take guests on country to connect with beauty of the Great Western Woodland.

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