Hi! My name is Alexandra, I am 18 years old and I have a passion for the sustainability of our planet, specifically food waste. The mission of my project “The Planet Project” is to save valuable organic ‘waste’ from going to landfill.

My project started many years ago, but I officially named it this year. During this time I came to realise the amount of food that ends up in landfill, including the coffee grounds that I and others can use on their gardens, a high valuable nitrogen source. I wondered why this was so?

I started occasionally collecting coffee grounds from cafes to use in my worm farm, the worms loved them, plus it was free! I later got a job at a café and realised just how much is going to landfill, I figured that someone will do something about this, but a few years past and no-one did. This year I started a commercial cookery course at TAFE and I couldn’t believe my eyes with the amount of organics that get thrown away by just one class in one lesson. I couldn’t let it pass so I do what any mad gardener/environmentalist would do, I brought my composting bucket in, and took them home. My worm farms filled up quickly, so I used the money I made from selling worm castings (as organic garden fertiliser) and the compost worms to buy some more. At that point I realised I was creating the solution that I thought someone else would solve. Currently I am continually improving my system to take more ‘waste’ and convert them through worm farming effectively to a soil improver.
This is just the start of my project, I hope to one day be able to take all the organics from my community and return these valuable nutrients back to the soil.

I have purchased more worm farms I now have 9.

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