#1000actionsfortheplanet #partnershipsforthegoals

The Problem

Your website film is really great. We have watched it and you can say a big well done to all the people, especially the kids, that participated in it! It is really inspiring.

We decided we would love to help, to create a speech and promote your organization in our school, to raise funds for kids to do a new project. We imagine you need funds for projects, right?

Our Idea

So we are really happy to tell that it took some time but we ran a casual clothes day! It happened a few weeks back, just before our holidays.

We were a bit disappointed about the amount of money that the students in our school were willing to give, but also it was a Friday, the last day before holidays, so maybe half the school was present.


We raised $210.00 in total. We really hope this can help Millennium Kids Inc achieve even more amazing projects.

Thanks to this project and Millennium Kids for really opening my eyes about climate change and the impact we humans have on the environment.

I am now really careful about my plastic consumption and I try to make people understand my point of view. This is thanks to your organization, so I would like to thank you a thousand times!

How you can help

If you have an idea of how you can help mentor a project or fund raise for a project you see on the site email info@millenniumkids.com.au

Millennium Kids will keep you up to date with project progress.

I hope you will have a magnificent earth friendly day!

Lila, Emma and Lucy, Year 10, Traralgon College, Traralgon, Victoria, Australia.