Hi my name is Steph! I am a current University of Western Australia  student studying my Masters in Environmental and Agricultural Biotechnology. In high school, I began educating myself on the current state of our planet, and the mountain of issues that face it and its diverse collection of incredible inhabitants. As a result, I have dedicated countless hours of my personal time volunteering with local beach clean-ups, planting native trees, attending climate strikes, and helping conserve our native flora and fauna in any way that I can. This summer specifically, I spent a week on a remote island, disconnected from running water and electricity, in order to monitor Flat-back turtle populations in response to a changing climate!

My passion for the planet has guided my study choices at university. During my undergraduate degree, I pursued a double major in Chemistry and Conservation Biology. The two appear at surface, separate, however; Chemistry provided the fundamental understanding of the unique array of chemicals and compounds that encompass our planet and consequently the intricate relationships they influence. With the pursuit of my Masters I hope to learn about, and contribute to; creating sustainable, practical and affordable technological solutions for our present day environmental issues.

I am so excited to do my McCusker Centre for Citizenship Internship with Millennium Kids to further explore the different avenues of creating a sustainable future. I am especially excited to work with an organisation that highlights and prioritises the views and ideas of the younger generation, as we are inevitably the ones that will be facing all the future effects!



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  1. Eva Mwakichako
    Eva Mwakichako says:

    Hi Steph,
    Well done on your pursuit of creating sustainable, practical and affordable technological solutions for our present day environmental issues. What a great initiative!
    Hope you get to visit Africa one day, maybe Kenya my birth place where there is irreversible loss of wildlife which we are afraid future generations may miss out on. They are in need of innovative solutions to monitor and preserve the flora and fauna for the next generations.
    All the very best in your future endeavours!

    • Cat
      Catrina-Luz Aniere says:

      Hi Eva yes Kenya is in our hearts. So much beautiful wildlife and so many people to support through education programs. We trust you are well.


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