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Dear Mr Wyatt,
I am writing to tell you about what has been happening at Millennium Kids.
We have been very busy at Millennium Kids, I attended the AGM (Annual General meeting) and am now on the Millennium Kids Youth Board. We decided what we want to do this year. Some of the things we decided to do are to go camping, rock climbing, doing a beach clean-up, planting trees and lots of other cool things.

I also helped my mum with a grant application to turn a sump near my house into a park, we are going to plant lots of trees and habitat with Millennium kids. The kids in the street are really excited and happy to help make a park. The sump has lots of wildlife, I have seen red tail cockatoos, ibisis and I hear lots of frogs. It’s behind a big fence and I hope to get the fences down so I can play and look at the animals. There is a big old stump with a hollow in it, I want to plant a tree inside it, it will be nice to have more shade.
This month we have been running a fundraiser ( So far we have raised $8000. We had a film night at Cygnet theatre. The movie was about a man who planted a forest after he took photos of wars and famines and was really sad. It was scary but also made me feel hopeful. It made me think about how trees can make people feel happy. We are raising money for Green Lab, it is Millennium kids climate change program. I watched a story about a report on climate change on BTN (Behind the News), I think we should do more about climate change. I like Green Lab because I learn about trees and act on ways to stop climate change and to make my city cooler and I get to plant trees!
Thank you for reading my letter.
From Aelwen

Editor’s Note
Not only did Aelwen write to her local member she received a reply from the Member for Victoria Park and a donation to go towards the Green Lab in Victoria Park.
In total the StartSomeGood – Future Super Green Lab crowdfunder raised over $10,000 for future Green Lab activities.

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