I have just returned from my awesome holiday in the Galapagos Islands and I want you to know that all MK bird lovers were in my thoughts as I was introduced to new bird species every day. I thought that you might be interested in a snapshot of what I saw and one or two photos.

On our first day we went to a little island just off Isla San Cristobal where Frigatebirds are nesting. The males put on an amazing display of puffing up their bright red throat. There were plenty of chicks to be seen. Blue-footed Boobies also inhabit the island and we were treated to a display of the mating ritual as our guide commentated. Brown pelicans were also added to my list as we returned to San Cristobal.  From then on I saw new birds everyday including cormorants, shearwaters, storm petrels, penguins, ducks, flamingos and more. I bought a little book to help me remember them all and because I know you will want me to be more specific with the ID.

Please tell me about your latest bird sightings. Visit a local wetland or park and see if you can ID some local birds. We’d love to share your findings on the MK website to inspire others to get out an about and learn about our beautiful birds.

Cathy Levett

MK Mentor

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