A Story from Adi in Sumbawa

Covid-19 has effected many sectors of humanity in the entire world. Many people are losing their job, businesses, and even lost members of their family, friends and colleagues.

The situation is the same on my island Sumbawa. Before covid-19 has come, the situation was very normal which is all the community still working in the office, rice farm, selling vegetables and fish. But now it is becoming different where all people mostly can not go out from the home and village just because of covid-19. The number of positive covid-19 people is increasing day by day.

In our island it is very different from Australia, where many many people can not get money without doing some work each day. They can not feed their kids and their family without outdoor activity.

We SAVE needed to think how we can help these people through these times. Through our leadership experience we decided giving is the way out of this, with a strong connection between collaboration with the government and community to fight against the covid-19.

Some help is always helpful, no matter if it is small or big.  All we know it is very valuable to help the community. We worked together to donate masks, rice, vegetables, sugar, coffee, soap and cooking spices for the kitchens of the very needy community.

We have very strong reason why we need to drop these food parcels off.  The island is 90% Muslim and covid-19 is happening when all Muslim are doing Ramadhan ceremony. Through our contribution we are helping the government to make the community stay home.

For our first project we dropped some parcels of food to the village where Covid-19 has started.  We will continue to help the villages that need it.

Stay home, stay healthy and stay happy! We are always saying these words. We hope we can walk past this hard time to freedom to walk the streets again.

Our motto “spread the goodness and share the happiness”

Adi WE SAVE Member, Dompu, Sumbawa and MK Leadership Graduate

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