Loss of trees and an increase in the temperature of urban areas is concerning the youth of Kalamunda. Significant areas of trees are on school grounds so it is important that trees and bushlands on schools are protected.

Teachers from six primary and secondary schools in the City of Kalamunda participated in a Millennium Kids Green Lab and Adopt-a-Patch Professional Learning day visiting bush areas and meeting the people involved in conserving them.

The Adopt-a-Patch program supports schools to identify a natural area on their school grounds to conserve. The Green Lab approach to viewing these areas as outdoor classrooms enables teachers to incorporate conservation activities into various learning areas.

The day started with a journey across the City of Kalamunda from the hills to the plains at the base of the Darling Scarp, to help participants gain the big picture of the importance of their school’s green spaces. They met volunteer bush carers and Indigenous Elder Neville Collard to gain perspectives on the history and value of the natural areas and find out about their local patch.

In the afternoon session the value of networking with teachers from other local schools was evident. Activities about recognising, protecting, increasing and monitoring bushland and urban canopy included learning how to

  • map their school patch and assess its value.
  • develop a conservation project and create a Green Lab outdoor classroom.
  • create an inquiry project plan
  • pitch ideas to principals and the school community

By the conclusion of the day participants had identified key focus areas to start to develop their plans and a dateline to contact Millennium Kids and City of Kalamunda to obtain support to bring their projects into action. Schools have submitted planning ideas and  will  work with MK and City to implement these in 2022.

For more information about Green Lab email cathy@millenniumkids.com.au

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