Grey skies and windy conditions didn’t deter our team of dedicated MK Youth Board members and their parents as they planted 1000 seedling shrubs, ground covers and sedges along a stretch of river foreshore sandwiched between the Kwinana Freeway and the Swan River.

 Paul Reed from City of South Perth prepared the site and had all of the necessary tools so we could get on with the job of transforming this area that is battered by wind and salt water for much of the year and scorched in the summer into potential habitat for migratory birds from the northern hemisphere.

Milyu is a really important feeding area for migrating shore birds. It is also where the first MK project started. This morning we were joined by Brett Jackson who was there at the very beginning. He shared the story of 25 years ago when Cat and students from South Perth Primary school started the project and pointed out the successful plantings from that time.

It is hard to imagine that the dense vegetation adjacent to where we were planting today was once as sparse as where we were.

Thanks to Bella, Claire, Hannah, Isabelle, Matt, Niamh, David, Nicole, Annie, Aelwen and Heather for your efforts. Thanks also to Jamie from Perth Intrepid Landcare who came along to find out what MK is all about and stayed to help with the planting. We hope that this is the beginning of networking between our two organisations. Check out their Facebook

Jacob, Emily and Shane joined us for morning tea when the clouds cleared and the sun came out for a short time. We chatted over a cuppa and Heather’s delicious chocolate cup cakes.

A summary of our thoughts

  • planting very worthwhile to help reduce erosion.
  • the location was different from what we usually go. Good to actually get into the strip that we usually go whizzing past on the freeway .
  • it’s disappointing to see the rubbish
  • the information sign about the significance of birds and their species

We had a great discussion about how important these third Sundays are for people to get together and keep in touch.

Thanks to Aelwen and Heather for coordinating this event.

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