There have been a lot of things happening in my little revegetation area lately. The entire first quadrant has been cleared of weeds and the tube stock planted there has taken off. Natural regeneration and an old seed bank are playing a vital role as well. With the ground left open and devoid of weeds, the existing native seeds have had a chance to sprout, and at the moment there is probably twice as much natural regeneration as there is planted tube stock. Already I’ve recorded native species, that have previously been absent moving in, such as bridal sundews, branching fringed lilies and splendid fairy wrens.

A pair of Bronzewings also found it a safe place to raise their young, whom are now fully fledged. A strange species of case moth, that I haven’t seen before, was feasting off a thriving honey bush. By the next day it had dragged its pyramid shaped home of sticks and silk to another nearby honey bush, so as not to exhaust its food supply. A wise principle that we should all follow, as taught in the caterpillars’ own, particular style.

The Prickly Moses Wattle has just finished seeding and already many of the released seeds are sprouting, forming a light carpet of spiny green. In amongst them, Wallaby, Kangaroo and Lemon Scented grasses prevail, rejoicing in the space created after the removal of the non-native Rye grass and Velvet grass. Several butterfly and moth species are laying their eggs on these grasses, and brushing past them on hot days sends moths pouring out from them, bumbling into each other and the ground, then flying to nearby clumps of grass where they won’t get rudely interrupted from their mid-day siesta. All in all, it’s a busy time for the residents of the revegetation as well as the carers!

Written by Youth Board Member Charles

Green Lab is a Millennium Kids program to protect, monitor and increase canopy in the Perth metropolitan area. Charles, a MK Youth Board member, initiated his own project, joined Millennium Kids and is now supported in his project endeavours by Cathy Levett, a MK Mentor, and by the Shire of Mundaring with provision of seedlings.

For more information about how to get your own Green Lab initiative up and running in your area email info@milleniumkids.com.au


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