I attended two Green Labs during the April school holidays with indigenous artist, Marli.

Green Lab Kids Explore

Monday, 11/4/2022 at Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre Education Centre. This Green Lab program was funded by the City of Melville and supported by Propel Youth Arts WA for the KickstART Festival Youth Week WA. We started the event with a nature walk. We found trees that needed one, two or three people to stretch around the trunk in a hug. We all received eco journals to draw pictures or write in. When we returned from the walk, we each decided what we’d like to paint to represent our vision for 2050. We sketched our designs on canvases and began painting our vision canvases. Marli will take all our ideas and create one vision 2050 painting. We cant wait to see it.

Vic Park’s Green Future Workshop – Green Lab For Kids

This was on 12/4/2022 at the Community Centre on Etwell Street funded by the Town of Victoria Park. At this event a group of young people met and started with a nature walk with eco journals in Jirdarup Bushland (also known as Kensington Bushland), then we formed a circle and closed our eyes, envisioning what we’d like to see in 2050. We explored the bushland and wrote poetry then we painted canvases to represent our visions. Marli will take these ideas and create a vision 2050 painting for the Town of Victoria Park.

We look forward to bringing all the young people back together to see the finished paintings and celebrate our future visions., sharing our ideas with Council members.

Report written by Niamh, MK Youth Board Member

To find out more about Green Lab check out our website here.

Green Lab, a Millennium Kids Citizen Science program, is funded by the Western Australian Government’s State Natural Resource Management Program. Millennium Kids works in collaboration with Sustainable Schools WA to support schools sustainability goals.


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