Guday, my name is Charles

My big question is:

How can we, as a community, restore our local bushland to the biodiverse wonderland it was?

I run a Friends Of Swan View Heritage Trail and we care for a large stretch of bush behind my house. We remove weeds by hand, so as not to disturb and damage our indispensable flora and fauna with synthetic chemicals. We then replant the area with a bounty of local native plants. I have taken groups on tours through my reveg to show them what we’re doing. I report on my findings and activities to MK every month. Cathy levett is my mentor, and without her I would have drowned in paperwork and official organisational business by now.

Let me know what you are doing to care for nature near your back door. We’d love to hear from you. Please email with your photo and story.

Green Lab is a Millennium Kids Citizen Science program, funded by the Western Australian Government’s State Natural Resource Management Program and supported by Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Trillion Trees.

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