The Great Tin Can Bee Hunt

Going on a bee hunt,

Gonna get a big one,

I’m not scared.

Our Kids on Country crew want to be tour guides, to share the stories of their beautiful country in the Great Western Woodland.

Last weekend the team visited Karlkurla Park, in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, and went on a bee hunt, learning about native bees as they took a walk through the beautiful park.

The team of Kids looked for recycled tin can bee art around the park and checked out the clues to learn about the different types of bees found in Australia.

“Did you know Australia has over 1700 species of native bees and the majority are solitary, meaning that unlike the introduced European Honey Bee, our bees don’t form swarms or hives.”

Thanks KBULG – we had fun with your bee activity. We found 11 and for every clue our team where rewarded with chocolate.

FUN FACT: The Ngadju word for honey is jarun.

BIG QUESTION: Do any of the native bees in the Great Western Woodland produce honey?

Send your answer to for some chocolate fun.

Have fun.

Eat chocolate

Care for the Environment.



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