Before Christmas the Millennium Kids Youth Board met with the Commissioner for Young People to talk about their projects. The Commissioner gives a voice to young people and shares their views with the Premier, Mark McGowan and other stakeholders.

All kids got an opportunity to share their projects, some kids brought art work or pictures of their work and some talked.

I showed the Commissioner my Green Lab project video. My project video shows why I think drainage basins are great places for people and animals and can make cities green and cool. He liked my video, you can watch it below.


We met at his office in Subiaco and we had lots of yummy food, such as corn chips, cheese, apples, watermelon, carrot sticks and cookies. Millennium kids thinks waste free food is really important and we were really happy that all the food was not in packaging and that it was all so delicious.

Aelwen, Youth Board Member



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