This week we feature a young person who is a member of Millennium Kids Inc (MK), a not-for-profit, environmental youth organisation based in Perth, that empowers young people with a ‘skills for life’ approach so they can become leaders and change-agents in their communities.

“My name is Bella Poll and I am 17 years old.

I first joined MK when I was ten years old. After pitching my ideas to a panel, I was selected to participate in some of the organisation’s projects. MK interested me because of the way that they respected and listened to the voices of young people. I knew that the organisation would give me the opportunity to action and find solutions to the issues I cared most about; single use plastic consumption; waste in the ocean and youth empowerment. MK has taught me more than I could have ever imagined and I am very grateful and proud to represent the organisation and what it stands for.”

What do you believe is the most important environmental issue that will impact your future?

“I believe that unsustainable consumption of not only single use plastic but also fossil fuels, food and other non-reusable materials is the most important environmental issue that will impact our future.”

What are you and the MK team doing about it?

“Currently, the MK team and myself are planning a first in the world, youth-led, climate Citizens Assembly. In October 2021 we are going to bring together a group of 150 randomly sampled kids. They will be presented with multiple perspectives on the issues we are currently facing and their goal will be to recommend short term action and big agenda items which reduce our carbon footprint.”

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Photo used with permission from Millennium Kids.

L-R: Bella; Amelia; Cat (MK CEO).


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