Last Friday, Millennium Kids hosted the City of Canning Changing Your World Youth Conference. We facilitated 75 young people from 8 schools and community groups sharing their ideas for a better future.

We started the morning with a beautiful welcome to country from Freda Ogilvie before we launched into brainstorming the things that young people like in their community, the things that they don’t like and the things that they want to change, linking them to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Throughout the day, the ideas for community change were developed into actionable projects in between exciting breakout sessions. One such session was an inspiring story about using snake handling to create social change, another was a series of workshops including activating space by building cubbies, birdwatching and creating an artwork to share our ideas about tress. During the day a wonderful local indigenous artist, Seantelle Walsh, listened to the young people and  transformed the visions of their future into a beautiful mural.

At the close of the day, kids pitched their ideas for change to the room, and a group from Bannister Creek Primary School, with plans to put solar panels on bus stops, was awarded a $500 grant.

The MK Youth Board members then took the mural and presented it at the adult conference to the CEO of City of Canning and spoke about the key community issues identified at the youth conference.

We cannot wait to see the kids ideas implemented.

Thanks to the City of Canning for the opportunity to listen to the kids.

By Rachel

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  1. Joan Day
    Joan Day says:

    Wonderful to read about our future leaders, their youth conference activities and having an impact on the adult conference. Go Millenium Kids, You rock!

    • Cat
      Catrina-Luz Aniere says:

      Thanks Joan. It is wonderful for the kids to have your support. We look forward to reporting other projects.


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