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MK team were pretty excited to be invited to present their ideas on river care at the Healthy Rivers, Healthy Communities Forum by the Member for Bicton, Lisa O’Malley, in 2017. Having a say about our environment is an important part of the MK ‘skills for life’ process. Kids want a healthy river now and in the future. They want natural areas were biodiversity can thrive. They want protected areas, too.

The team presented their ideas to the audience and handed their wish list to the Minister for Environment, Stephen Dawson.




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Conference 2020

The 21st Biennial AAEE National Conference – (That stands for Australian Association for Environmental Education!
29 September – 2 October 2020, Mandurah

Millennium Kids is excited to have two representatives on the Steering Committee for the 21st Biennial AAEE National Conference 2020. Bella B, our Youth Board Co President, will be one of the youth members keeping their eye on the future, alongside CEO Cat,  who will work with the AAEE team overseeing the conference development.

It is a fabulous opportunity for young people to influence the agenda, to ensure their voice is heard in the development of the program, ensuring the workshops and site visits have intergenerational thinking components.

” It is great to have young minds working together to focus on the world we want,” said Bella. ” We look forward to having youth involvement in the program development and an exciting youth stream for youth participants.”

Hundreds of teachers, environmental educators and influencers will join the conference to present important environmental work and develop a road map to a sustainable future.

For more information on how you can get involved email info@millenniumkids.com.au


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Hi my name is Patrick. I am a Millennium Kids Youth Board Member.

I love the native birds that live in my area. I am worried that the birds are disappearing because they have nowhere to go. In my #1000actionsfortheplanet project I am going to make a poster that shows people the types of plants they need in their gardens to attract birds.

I have stated painting postcards to raise money to pay for the cost of producing my poster. Nicky Shelton, bird lover and artist, has been my mentor. She has been teaching me different painting skills.


#1000actionsfortheplanet #lifeonland

Kobi inspired the Millennium Kids Wetland Warrior program. Kobi arrived from Vietnam and soon discovered Sir James Mitchell Park and the wetland areas. He loved the birds and watched people feed the ducks. He ran home and asked his mother for some bread. He thought he was doing the right thing and headed back to the lakes to feed the wildlife.

He soon discovered that in fact feeding wildlife can cause problems. Birds and other animals can get sick from eating human food. It sparked his interest in joining Millennium Kids Inc.

Kobi’s story inspired the other members and they were soon designing a new project,  the Wetland Warrior series.

In 2018 Millennium Kids Wetland Warriors received a Community Rivercare Grant from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to undertake the kid’s ideas. The three year grant will see kids care for the Sir James Mitchell Park, Douglas Lake area, on the South Perth foreshore.  They will plant sedges and monitor their growth, survey birds and report their work to the Department over the three year period.

For more information about this program email info@millenniumkids.com.au



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Our very own Isabella, (Izzy or Bella to some) got creative with kids ideas and created our Green Lab t shirt. Kids love trees and Bella thought it would be good to create a shirt for our StartSomeGood – Future Super Climate Green Lab campaign.

With help from Tracy, India and Antique we sourced Fair-trade, ethical, organic t shirts from Etikoa B Corp, Australian company.

We are super excited to see the shirts come to life and share our message about trees, our need to plant more and care for the ones we have.

For more information about Green Lab contact info@millenniumkids.com.au


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MK members are interested in (or love) turtles and tortoises and are curious about the ones that they see in Perth. Often they want to know more about them. We have two native freshwater turtles. The Western Long Necked Turtle and the Western Swamp Tortoise.

Long Necks are common but Western Swamp Tortoises are endangered. MK member and mentor Cathy Levett is a member of the ‘Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise’, a group that is dedicated to educating the community about our local turtles. She wrote a book which educates children about the critically endangered Western Swamp Tortoise.

Westy the Western Swamp Tortoise was launched by the Hon. Stephen Dawson MLC, Minister for Environment and Jessica Shaw MLA, Member for Swan Hills on 7 March 2018 at Ellenbrook Library. (if Jess is in the photo too). The photos in the book show Westy’s life from hatching at Perth Zoo to living in the swamp and children to understand why he is endangered.

Cathy has been working with (or has been a member of) MK for over 20 years and she loves helping kids connect with and learn about nature. She says “I love listening to young people talk about their concerns for the natural environment and their ideas for solutions. Working with MK gives me the opportunity to support and encourage them to turn their ideas into action.”


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A whole lot of excitement in the MK Office this week. Dean from The Law Society Western Australia, rang to say The Lore Law Project been recognised by the State Government with a $200,000 grant, the maximum grant amount, from the Criminal Property Confiscation Grants Program. I had the pleasure of relaying the message to Jaz, our MK Indigenous Co Facilitator in Kalgoorlie. The excitement was palpable.

“This is a dream come true,” she screamed over the phone. “It’s fantastic…at last we can to listen to the kids and use their ideas to make their community better.”

When Jaz was a kid she went to Sevenoaks College in Cannington. She joined The Public Transport Authority’s Right Track program, designed and facilitated in collaboration with Millennium Kids, and helped create a new way of thinking when working with young indigenous people on the local Perth train line. Kids were getting up to mischief, displaying anti social behaviour, not paying their train fares and getting into trouble.

The Sevenoaks kids went on camp with Millennium Kids for a Ningaloo Explore experience in the Cape Range National Park. With five days of leadership training, kayaking, native animal monitoring and meeting with local elders, kids were immersed in the local environment. They came out with a Certificate1 in Leadership, and were prepared to lead their community. They tackled the anti social behaviour on the trains in a youth led, culturally sensitive way.

The Right Track continues  to be an award winning  youth program.

In 2016 Jaz joined the Millennium Kids team again. This time as a leader and co facilitator of the Lore Law Project, a program to address the high rates of indigenous youth incarceration in the state. Along with other Sevenoaks graduates, Jaz helped design the Lore Law Project alongside elders, Millennium Kids, The Law Society, and Kammi from Media on Mars, with input from a range of stakeholders.

How do we tackle the big issues with indigenous kids? How do we skill them up, empower them and keep them out of gaol?

Law Society President Greg McIntyre SC said, “The Law Society is delighted to receive this grant for its Lore Law Project. From its inception, the Project has engaged with Aboriginal communities, young people and Elders, who have been central to its planning, development and implementation.

The Lore Law Project provides an important conduit through which young Aboriginal people can voice matters of interest or concern to them. Stakeholders from the police, judiciary, legal profession and support services also have an opportunity to engage with Aboriginal communities in a two-way process.

The Lore Law Project offers a ‘skills for life’ approach to create self-worth in young people, enabling them to make positive contributions to society, as they grow into adulthood and embark on pathways to employment.”

For more information contact info@millenniumkids.com.au


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It is estimated that 40,000 million plastic utensils are used every year around the world and that is enough plastic to go to the moon and back eight times over.Plastic waste ends up in landfill and in our oceans and takes thousands of years to break down.


We pitched to Millennium Kids and they supported our idea. We made a recipe and trialed it. Even Julie Bishop tasted it. We pitched at the Global Shaper’s Soup event and won the $910.00 to start our enterprise. We have made a prototype and I got to speak at the WASSO conference to tell everyone about our innovation.


Bread in Common chef, Scott, mentored us and gave us advice on our prototype. We checked out the 3D printer at Sue Lewis Chocolatier and have made plans to build our own.

In December 2018 we delivered 100 spoons to the Prepare, Produce, Provide professional learning session for teachers at the Joondalup TAFE. We met Patrick, head of the Culinary and Catering School, to share our ideas with him. He loved tasting our cutlery and was pretty impressed.


You can help us by booking a talk from our Edulis team and making a donation towards our next steps.

Email info@millenniumkids.com.au for more details.

Hoang and the Edulis Crew

Join the Movement! 

What are you doing? What can you do? What will you do? Do you need our help? Tell us about your action or project. Send us an email info@millenniumkids.com.au

This Waste Free Movement project is funded by the State Government through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account, and administered by the Waste Authority.


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Kids asked over 500 young people what we should do to help the trees. We have combined their ideas and poems into a pledge that reflects their opinions and the ongoing work of Millennium Kids through our new partnership project, Green Lab.
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#1000actionsfortheplanet #partnershipsforthegoals

Millennium Kids Plans for the Future 2018

Under the guidance of our previous Chairperson Dr Anita Sykes Kelleher, 2016 – 2018, our Council and Kids undertook a review of Millennium Kids and began the process of creating a Strategic Plan – Transition 2020. Student Intern, Nora Larry, Murdoch University helped put the Business Plan together and we sought funding from Lotterywest to kickstart the process of rebranding and developing an interactive web and portal where kids could pitch their change making projects and get online mentoring and support from the MK Team.
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