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Hey everyone,

Last weekend I took my MK buddies to look at my revegetation patch and then we went on a nice long walk  and  checked out the plants on the Heritage Trail nearby.

I’m rehabilitating bush behind my house in a two kilometre stretch, and as the land had been cleared before, weeds form most of the local plant community. My aim is to change that and restore comparative health to the bush by getting rid of weeds and replanting natives. Although this may sound simple, it’s actually a very complicated process involving careful biological monitoring and strategic planting of micro biomes and micro climates. For example a dryandra 10 centimetres away from another may be dying whilst the other one thrives. This is usually due to the high variation of microclimates in an area. Micro climates are basically variations on light, rainfall, humidity, disease, fungi, fauna passage and soil. These tiny factors can pre-determine the failure or success of a plant. With these things worked out I then systematically remove and replace weeds with natives. If I just ploughed out all of the weeds then that would leave the area mostly devoid of cover for native plants or animals. By taking out small patches out at a time I avoid that. I also never use pesticides for any weed, no matter how annoying. Pesticides are like nuclear bombs, killing almost every living thing and endangering all remaining with cancer and other diseases. This is very destructive for the short and long term health of the area affected. So therefore I only dig out weeds. I’m currently rehabilitating a small area of weed infested heath. Things are shaping up as I’ve had some great visitors!

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