We love it when we can help out university students, so when Ruby rang from Curtin University we were happy to help her out for her interview assignment. Here is how she shared our story in her ‘radio’ interview.

A Perth environmental youth organisation says the WA Tree Festival will increase awareness about neighbourhood trees. The Festival runs through April and offers a variety of events in the community for all ages. The event aims to increase awareness about urban trees and future consequences of tree canopy reduction. Catrina Aniere is from Green Lab by Millennium Kids Inc – which will be running activities at the event.

Catrina says the Festival will be a conversation starter for Perth’s environmental issues. “And really what the WA Free Festival is doing is shining a light on trees and caring about them, but also understanding that there have been major impacts with recent hot weather – we’ve lost trees due to drought and to different planning rules, road rules and this (WA Tree Festival) is a great conversation starter”


Thanks Ruby! Your rock.

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