Each year Millennium Kids holds an UNconference where the kids get to decide what they do, this year Aelwen gave us her highlights.

Day one of the Millennium Kids 23rd UNconference was held at Bold Park. I set up my market place stall. I was showcasing my sump vegetation project to increase urban tree canopy in Vic Park and to provide habitat for species such as the red tail black cockatoos and Carnaby cockatoos.

Other stalls showcased waste projects, learning about biodiversity through art, inventions to clean up waste in the ocean and information about the environment.

We sat in a big circle and we said hello to each other in different languages, I was excited to hear Arabic being spoken as well Noongar and many other languages.

We went on a bush walk led by Millennium Kids member Patrick and mentor Wayne. Patrick knows a lot about birds! Unfortunately we didn’t see many that day. We did see a dead lizard which was really sad, we think it was run over by a bike. Patrick talked about how to make Banksia beer and Wayne talked about different habitats.

We also went to the Regional Resource Recovery Centre and saw what happens to the FOGO (food organics garden organics) bins. I was surprised that it wasn’t super smelly. We also saw lots of bin chickens. I also learnt that lots of people put dirty nappies in the recycling, this is really disappointing that more people don’t know they can’t be recycled.

The other group went to the Calcutta Tip shop. They were given $50.00 to create a waste innovation project. They only seen $12.oo. They bought a basket and 20 coffee mugs. They are going to use them at the Salty X Markets in Trigg. People can take a free cup to reduce waste.

We also played games and created some of our own. We also ate chocolate, it was lots of fun.

Day two of the Millennium Kids UNconference was held at Piney Lakes. This was my favourite day!

We met some people from Native ARC Inc., they brought in Nick the tawny frog mouth(named after Nick Fury), Tommy the oblong turtle and some bobtail lizards called Bill and Bob(that were both girls), there was also a python and some joeys. They had towels so the animals wouldn’t poop all over the floor.

We also met Steve Heron Author, author of the book Maximus. He taught us about descriptive writing, he was really funny and I think I will be a better writer after his insights. I have already started reading Maximus and it is really good.

We also met with Green World Revolution and I learnt about how good micro-greens are for me. My little baby greens have already sprouted, I can’t wait to eat them.

We also had the Disco on that night, it was awesome!

There was a really cool band, limbo, lots of yummy food and dancing. It was organised by Ebonie to raise money for the Coolgardie kids on country program. Ebonie raised over $1000 with special thanks to the Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson for his donation.

Thanks Bull Creek Lions Club Inc for helping access Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre. It was the perfect venue.

Day three of the UNconference was held at All Saints’ College WA. We talked about waste solutions and made a prosthetic leg with Curtin Engineers Without Borders out of a plunger, a sponge a shoe, a pole, a pipe and some rope and duct tape. I also learnt that health care in Cambodia is not as accessible as in Australia.

We talked to the The Field Trip in Victoria, they are a bit like Millennium kids and are looking at how to built an igloo out of old milk cartons for the homeless and piggy banks, also made out of milk cartons. They must drink a lot of milk. They were really nice.

We also had the serious business of electing the Youth Board and the adult Council so we can continue to have fun, care for the environment and eat chocolate. I was really excited that I was accepted onto the Youth Board for a second year. We have 15 kids on the Youth Board.

By Aelwen Youth Board Member

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