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I thought you would all like to know that we are doing well in the land of MK. Our kids are adapting to their on line world, holding meetings and decision making sessions with our tool of choice, Webex Meetings. Thanks to a new collaboration with Curtin University we are excited to be looking at putting some of our programs on line, with kids pitching ideas and getting mentor support to take their project from ideas to action. At this time we are all about physical distancing, not social isolation and relationships have always been at the heart of Millennium Kids so our mentor program will still feature in this new online process.

We didn’t jump right in, but we took time to reflect on what theses changes mean for young people and our programs. Our on line sessions will remain youth focussed, with our lead team of young people curating their own content, leading and presenting workshops on line – to inspire others to change the world.

Check out our new Low Carbon Labs which we will run weekly with small groups of young people. And watch this space as we will be launching a new online version of Green Lab soon.


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