Interning at Millennium Kids and working on the Green Lab project has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Through my time at Green Lab, Millennium Kids has opened my eyes to the real and severe environmental problems prevalent in our community today. When tackling the issue of loss of tree canopy and bushland , we must understand that our fight against the effects of climate change begins with listening to the voices and ideas of young people.

Working alongside the Millennium Kids Youth Board members has exposed me to this organisations devotion to educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

My main role was contributing to Green Lab film production, by assisting with research, planning and idea generating. For the film, I worked alongside the team from Media on Mars, conducting interviews with local teachers and Millennium Kids members to reflect on how Green Lab has supported their ideas and passions.

During my time on the  Green Lab project, I was also involved in community engagement events, where we successfully hosted two educational learning days with children and teachers. After conducting a full day of interactive activities,  children were encouraged to understand the importance of caring for the environment and also form a personal connection with nature. I had the privilege of witnessing the passion and drive that young people have towards protecting nature as well as their innovative ideas and visions for their future.

Furthermore, a teacher’s professional learning day was conducted to provide a platform for teachers to voice environmental concerns within their school and work collectively to develop solutions.

Working with Green Lab team has been an invaluable experience that has taught me various transferable skills such as: project planning, lateral thinking and effective time management that will surely aid me in my life moving on from Millennium Kids.

Millennium Kids will use the Green Lab film to promote their work as part of a #GenerationRestoration Youth Challenge,  an Uplink World Economic Forum, Top14 Innovators program in the UN Decade of Ecosystems Restoration.

Alison Stokes, McCusker Centre for Citizenship Intern 2022

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