Since 1995 kids around the world have come together to share ideas about the rules and regulations needed to protect our environment.

In 2020 Millennium Kids will be reviewing the list kids wrote at the first UNEP children’s environmental conference, Leave It to Us, in Eastbourne, England in 1995. The list was sent to UN headquarters in New York, USA, after the conference and kids around the world took up the challenge. From that conference Millennium Kids was born. Our young team sent the list to the Prime Minister of the day. It is interesting now, to reflect on the enthusiasm and passion young people had and their belief that they could make change. Not much has changed.

Our team has worked tirelessly since that day. Promoting the voice of young people, their dreams and aspirations for a clean, green world and the youth led projects they continue to run to make change.

Millennium Kids has a copy of the Challenges the kids wrote up in 1995, hundreds of young people representing every corner of the earth had a vision for the future. We will sit down with Bob Hawke College students this week and look at what has been achieved. We will publish the results in the coming weeks at an event that will bring Eastbourne, England and Millennium Kids together again,  to celebrate, regroup and plan the future.

If you want to be part of the action  please send an email to

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